Occupying Time While Waiting for Vocation

Although I feel called to marriage, it hasn’t happened (and I accept the fact that there are no guarantees in life and it may *never *happen) so I made a decision to stop wallowing in self-pity! I decided to get out there in the community and get my hands dirty, so to speak. I’m also trying to do more faith forming activities.

Right now, I’m
-volunteering at a women’s shelter 1-2x a month (preparing or serving meals)
-monthly food preparation/donation to homeless shelter
-watching Catholicism DVD series with a group
-monthly Opus Dei recollections
-weekly Bible Study

I feel like I want/need to do more in part to take my mind of my singleness. I’m tired of praying about it and I’m sure God’s tired of hearing about it. Any other ideas on what I can do to occupy my time? I don’t feel called to join OD but perhaps I should consider a lay apostolate? It may sound like I’m running away from my problems and I’ll admit that I am to some extent, but if I’m helping others in the process, that can’t be too bad, right? :shrug:

Have you considered the seminary?

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