OCD and anxiety have me thinking the worst and keeps getting worse

I have OCD and anxiety. It has gotten really bad since my Dad went into hospital. I keep thinking the worst, and upsetting thought keep popping into my head. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Are you under psychiatric or psychological care? If not, you might consider it.


Please arrange to speak with a professional. You need someone that you can speak to when you need help that will know your story and be able to advise you.

You may also want to try going to adoration. It may bring you some peace to be in the presence of God and lay your burdens before him.


I will be praying for you! I too suffer from OCD and anxiety. I have been in therapy which helps. And during my bad times I pray A LOT. It is a struggle and cross. Something I’ve been learning lately is to embrace the suffering we have because it is our chance to grow in holiness. But definitely get some professional help if you can!! Again, you will be in my prayers because it’s a struggle near and dear to me.


Also, is there a chaplain at the hospital you might talk with? The interact with families in times of crisis.


Thank you, I went to Adoration this evening and prayed and told Jesus all my fears and worries.

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Thank you so much.

Please get help off the internet!!! A genuine OCD specialist can make a HUGE difference! Google one. Maybe even one at a distance could skype with you. :pray:t2:


64 million in the US alone suffer from some form of anxiety disorder. 1 in 5! Anxiety leads many to suspect that they have cancer - which is where I interact with them. Anxiety can produce over 100 of the 150 symptoms our bodies are capable of producing! Those symptoms are associated with over 45,000 different illnesses!

The great blessing here is that anxiety is 100% treatable, normally without drugs. Catholic counselor Dr. Gregory Popcak and many others practice Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, which teaches you to unlearn anxious thought processes and replace them with comforting, reasonable and rational thoughts.

God greatly desires that you live in peace. Our Lord Jesus left us peace - His peace He gives us. Let not your heart be troubled. John 14:27

My pitiful prayers are ascending on your behalf.


Hey. I experience OCD too and anxiety.
It’s understandable why your OCD be triggered by this event.
I will relate to a experience that maybe you be able to relate too. Know your not alone. My OCD developed after my parents got divorced and my mum fell I’ll. She got the flu and was bed ridden. I start to get afaird of germs and started cleaning the chair frames in the living room. To make the germs go away.
I realised after I got older and had therapy along with antidepressants that OCD develops in the gene and is triggered by trauma that happened to us as kids or adults .
Since OCD is related by fear and germs etc. Its understandable why your OCD be triggered by this.

I would suggest therapy to get you through this hard time. And also sensory modulation therapy. That really helps to calm anxiety down.

I’m sorry you are going through a rough time.
May God comfort and guide you in this path.
You will get through this. I know it doesnt seem like it right now. But you will.


Perhaps you could try meditation. It’s more or less a breathing exercise, it’s not like you’re worshiping another god. Sit down on something comfortable like a pillow. Next, you visualize your negative energy coming from your chest and ejecting out of the forehead. Take slow, deep breaths while doing so.

I used to suffer from anxiety and what I felt was that I couldn’t breathe properly (when I was in the midst of an anxiety attack). If you learn how to control your breathing, you can influence your mind to focus on that, rather than focusing on whatever your anxiety is wanting you to focus on. Eject the negative energy through your forehead and it will go a long way to helping you fight off an anxiety attack. I can honestly say that it helps because it has worked for me. :grinning:

I’ve experienced this as well, off and on for years – used to be much worse. I will pray for you. Adoration and meditation on God’s love (especially the Passion and the Sacred Heart) have helped a lot, as has medication. And a good priest confessor. Feel free to private message me (is that still available?) and we can ‘talk.’

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I don’t have OCD. I do have anxiety since I was a teenager. When my parents were alive they were repeatedly hospitalized so I know the feeling.

First, if this stuff is seriously interfering with your ability to function, seek help from a mental health professional.

Second, understand that having a parent in the hospital is a stressful event, and that even if you didn’t suffer from these conditions you would likely be feeling great stress/ upset at this time. Look into whether the hospital provides any resources, such as counselors or groups, for the family members of seriously ill patients.

Third, try to make sure you are getting adequate and healthy food and sufficient water (as in plain water, not coffee/ tea/ cola/ juice or other drinks with an additive) every day. Avoid alcohol. Sugar and caffeine can drive anxiety up in some people.

Fourth, try to make sure you are getting enough sleep. I know this is difficult for some people who get insomnia when stressed, but lack of sleep can really worsen anxiety.

Fifth, try sitting in Adoration as Irishmom said. Some people also benefit from meditative prayer of their choice, such as meditating on Scripture, or on the Rosary.

And remind yourself to trust in Jesus and that this too shall pass, as St. Teresa of Avila (<===anxiety sufferer) said in her “Nada te turbe” prayer.

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