OCD related? Dilemma (am i ashamed of Christ?)


Hello, I’m new here actually i made this acc just to ask this question

I only pray with a veil or hoodie to cover my head because of what the Apostle said and the Church Fathers. I didn’t have a veil but now i do, and i carry it around to pray.

I’ve had religious OCD last year, it was pretty strong, but thank God God healed me from it. Now i only have a very weak form of it, it is mainly “do this, if you dont it means X” or bad words/mean toughts.

Getting to the point: my mind or whatever keeps saying that if i don’t pray veiled in public that means I’m ashamed of God. I mainly avoid it because veil on head = muslim in peoples heads, and i don’t have a cross or rosary to put on my neck to shout “hey, not a muslim!”. I HAVE prayed veiled around people before!!! And felt no shame at all. But i keep having to do it again, and it tells me to do it again or it means I’m ashamed of Christ etc. I don’t want to be rejected by God in judgment’s day bc of something so petty, but i don’t want to give in to compultion either

A few months back it was “if you don’t make the sign of the cross it means you’re ashamed of God” then i did it and i did it and i did it and it and it weakenned a little i think because i stopped.

What do you guys think? I know it is really confused and small to be even thinking about it but it’s been bothering me.


God sees the HEART, MIND and SOUL. He KNOWS there are people that can’t walk around with veils to wear when they pray. He KNOWS there are people who can’t kneel when they pray. He KNOWS not everybody has a Rosary but the majority of us have ten fingers that we can pray on. IN other words, PRAY with you heart, mind and soul on God and don’t worry about the outside looks or appearances or ANYBODY ELSE. Prayer IS between you and God that is all, nothing else matters.


You are loved as you are I’m sure.
Just do your best and rely on God to lighten your burden.

God bless.


Does this ever keep you from praying? I have been using a phrase I heard on EWTN: Who would want this result: God or Satan?

If this idea ever keeps you from praying, well, who wants that result? God sure doesn’t; He wants us to pray. So I would say this voice is wrong.

At the same time, God does not want our praying to interfere with our duties, so sneaking away from work to hear Mass would also be wrong.

Do you know a good priest you can talk with about these thoughts? It would be good to discuss them with a priest, just as it is good to discuss physical problems with a doctor, in person.


Have you spoken to a Priest, spiritual director or a doctor about your OCD?

I’m glad you’re feeling better but clearly there are still things that are bothering you and you shouldn’t have to suffer them. Please speak to someone in real life who is able to help you.


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