OCR: Holiday proposal on ice (Hope for Catholic singles)


The first time Jonathan Velte-Smith met Megan Wojtkiewicz he had their whole date planned; dinner at the Irvine Spectrum Center and then skating at the ice rink.
On Thursday night, they were back at the Spectrum and again Jonathan had a plan – to ask Megan to marry him.
Jonathan, 24, and Megan, 25, began e-mailing each other about a year ago after connecting on catholicsingles.com. E-mailing soon turned into conversations over the phone, until they finally decided to meet.



This is an article about a Catholic couple that met through the aid of one of our sponsors, www.CatholicSingles.com.

There have been a number of recent threads at CAF wherein our single members have discussed trying to find Catholic spouses. It’s always nice to read a success story, especially one that made it into a major paper.


Great story, thanks for sharing


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