October 31 birthdays


I notice that several people on this forum share my birthday today. So I wanted to wish all my fellow Halloween babies, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Today is also my 18th wedding anniversary.

Did I say that I love Halloween?:stuck_out_tongue:


Congratulations! What a great blessing to born on the eve of All Saints Day!!!

Happy Anniversary, too! You guys are very :cool: !


Happy Birthday and Anniversary! :slight_smile:


[sign]Happy Birthday![/sign]


My birthday is tomorrow, on All Saints Day.
When I was younger, we had a day off school to go to Mass-how cool is that!


Happy preBirthday apricot!



Happy Birthday and Anniversary Deb! Please tell me you had a normal wedding and not one of those freakish Halloween costume weddings…

Happy almost Birthday Apricott!


My sister’s is one day earlier, on October 30.


Happy Birthday!! :thumbsup:

It’s mine too.


Happy Halloween Birthday All!

It’s my birthday AND my darling Daughter’s birthday as well. We have serious Halloween fun. And our son and his wife were married on November 1. Imagine if you will the rehearsal dinner we held for them 3 years ago. It was on a large acreage in a big stone barn.


OOHHHH! Finally someone who shares a birthday with a child! My birthday is 10 days earlier (Oct. 21st.), and in 2000 I received the best birthday gift EVER–my precious son. We love sharing a birthday!

Happy Birthday to all of you Oct. 31st members, and an early Happy Birthday to Apricot!



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