October 7, 1571 beginning of the feast of the Most Holy Rosary

Four hundred years ago the Ottoman Empire (Moslems) was conquering the world. A powerful Ottoman armada advanced on a badly out manned and out gunned Christian navy. The world was in great danger. All that stood between the Ottomans and Western Civilization were a relatively few ships, a small number of valiant men and the Holy Rosary. So the men knelt in prayer and invoked the intercession of their Heavenly Mother. Pope Pius V asked the Christian world to pray the Rosary for the success of this crusade.

 After disappointing delays, the league fleet under Don John of Austria smashed the two times larger Moslem fleet at Lepanto on October 7, 1571.  The delighted Saint Pius V established on October 7, the Feast of the Most Holy Rosary and of Our Lady of Victory to commemorate this astounding victory, which he attributed to Mary's intercession. (On October 7, 2001, the United States started bombing Muslim terrorists in Afghanistan.)  This miraculous Christian victory at Lepanto is now widely regarded as a decisive moment in the history of Western Civilization.

Today, we are in the grip of another decisive moment a life or death struggle to defeat the worldwide terrorism and war by Muslim terrorists and Communist forces.  Once again we are out manned and out gunned even though the media would have us believe otherwise. 

But we do have a more powerful weapon, the Most Holy Rosary.  And through the Rosary, we have recourse to the all-powerful intercession of our Heavenly Mother.  Truly, never was it known that anyone who fled to Her protection, implored Her help or sought Her intercession was left unaided. 


Sorry eveyone,

I’m going to pray the Rosary.

Good night and God bless you all.

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