October - Clergy Appreciation


October is Clergy Appreciation month. I sent our priest a card earlier this week. At Mass today he stopped me on the way out to thank me. It made me so happy to have made his day. I could tell it really meant something for him to know that we care about all the work he does day in and day out to celebrate Christ. So, to everyone - if you get the chance maybe drop a little note in the mail to your special clergy members. They do so much for us, we can do a little in return for them even if it is only a card of appreciation.


Thanks for the reminder. I bought cards earlier this month, but haven’t sent them yet. Will do it tonight.


I’d heard this on a protestant radio station, but I didn’t know any Catholics were celebrating it! What a great idea.


Our CFM group had a brunch for our priest and our deacon yesterday after Mass. It was really nice. :slight_smile:


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