October Is Gay History Month In Schools

Barack Obama declared June Gay Pride Month but the schools in many state celebrate October as Gay History Month. Picture below at high school in Massachusetts.

From Mass Resistance. - web site blocked by google but nothing really on this page…



Throughout “Gay History Month”, activist teachers and administrators attempt to have kids believe that many historical events had homosexual underpinnings, and that many historical figures (e.g., Eleanor Roosevelt, Alexander the Great, etc.) were actually homosexual. Just about all of this is factually incorrect or taken far out of context. But it’s ideology that matters to them.

BELOW: Gay History Month display at Lexington High School. “Gay history” books and other propaganda. Poster at upper right says “Until recently, history has set the record a little too straight.”…

Here is the list from the history site.

2009 Overview Video

Alvin Ailey Jr.

John Amaechi

Tammy Baldwin

John Cage

Ruth Ellis

Rainer Fassbinder

Michel Foucault

Harry Hay

Magnus Hirschfeld

Zora Neale Hurston

Jasper Johns

Cherry Jones

Kate Kendell

Alfred Kinsey

k.d. lang

Rachel Maddow

Deirdre McCloskey

Paul Monette

Pauli Murray

Joan Nestle

Todd Oldham

Suze Orman

Christine Quinn

Robert Rauschenberg

Jerome Robbins

Hilary Rosen

Yves St. Laurent

Esera Tuaolo

Urvashi Vaid

Gus Van Sant

B.D. Wong

The link works. Apparently it is not blocked by Google. There is merely a content warning, which is also the case with many other blogs.

I’ve never heard of Gay Pride Month or Gay History Month, but if that’s what’s happening now, I have to figure it’s just another in a series of attempts to normalize homosexual behavior. Soon, God will have to issue an apology for his actions against Sodom and Gomorrah.

I wonder how many teachers in schools participate without notifying parents.

I agree. It’s disgusting. It’s* very *disgusting. One more reason to home school your kids or put them in a Catholic school.

Oh, heck, it’s always Gay History Month at my community college. This from my Western Civilization textbook:

The climate of intolerance that characterized thirteenth-century attitudes toward Muslims, heretics, and Jews was also evident towards homosexuals. Although the church had condemned homosexuality in the Early Middle Ages, it had not been overly concerned with homosexual behavior, an attitude also prevalent in the secular world…Between 1250 and 1300, what had been tolerated in most of Europe became a criminal act deserving of death.

It goes on to suggest that the idea of homosexuality’s being a sin against nature was invented by St. Thomas Aquinas and then states:

This argument and laws prohibiting homosexual activity on pain of death remained the norm in Europe until the twentieth century.


Simply disagreeing with homosexuals’ morality shouldn’t prompt the erasure of our influence on history.

School-appropriate displays of “African-American Heroes” cannot be opposed on moral grounds, such opposition–in the secular vernacular–would be racist. The case of a “Homosexual Heroes” display, though, is substantially different. “White” children can’t “become (genetically) black” (though if it somehow happened (!?) I wouldn’t anything wrong with it at all!), but children of a heterosexual orientation (the vast majority) can become homosexual if they learn about it, are attracted to it or otherwise become involved with it.

Parents who envision heterosexuality as the norm for their children will understandably want schools for their children that do not increase this risk. The challenge for those who believe that we ought to have a 50% “straight”, 50% “gay” society (or perhaps believe that heterosexuality, homosexuality, bisexuality, and trans-gendered sexuality should each be viewed as “normal”, equally likely sexual outcomes for all people) is to get into schools so they can promote this view: battle ensues.

Peace be with you,


Heterosexual children will never become homosexual, and homosexual childre will alwys be homosexual.

And homosexuality, bisexuality and transsexuality are all normal for SOME people.

Heterosexuals’ denial of this does nothing to reduce its veracity.

Sorry, but Christian intolerance of homosexuality comes from the Jews. As Dennis Praeger has pointed out, homosexality was condemned as part of the Jewish prohibition on idolatry and was analogous to temple prostitution.

That is either untrue or a very wrong attitude towards that issue.

The dignity of homosexuals and the vocation of homosexuals is taught in Catholicism, but equating it to race.


Hope this helps
God bless

You’re saying sexual orientation is not subjective.

Now you’re saying sexual orientation is subjective, depending on who you are.

I think at this point this has nothing to do with heterosexual denial and all to do with making absolutely no sense.

no,it is a disorder

Thank you.

The only thing that is disordered is the backwards thinking that children have to be shielded from the fact that LGBT individuals have contributed to society and continue to so today.

It would be refreshing to have someone contributing something to society without
wearing their sexuality on their sleeve :mad:

Just one more reason why the homosexualist Obama must go!

LOL! Somehow I think that before that happens, we’ll start seeing a lot more fire and brimstone, along with all of the plagues of the Revelation to Saint John. Any time, Lord, bring it on!:signofcross:

what have they contributed to society ?

Good question.

If they contributed to science, then it was a scientist who contributed, not a “sexual orientation.”

If they contribute in the medical field, then it was a doctor who contributed, not a “sexual orientation.”

That was indeed a worthless statement made by slavonic because there are far more heterosexuals who’ve contributed to society throughout all of time. Good thing this isn’t about sexuality that “contributes to society” but rather about PEOPLE who contribute to society.

I daresay those who SEGREGATE homosexuals and reduce them to mere sexuality in order to try and prove some point are the ones who are discriminatory.

Psychosis, alcoholism, incest, and physical violence is also normal for SOME people. It doesn’t mean we need a Self-Esteem Decree and a ‘celebration day’ for those categories, either.

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