Octuplet mom defends her ‘unconventional’ choices

The Southern California woman who gave birth to octuplets last week told TODAY’s Ann Curry in an exclusive interview that growing up as an only child, she had always dreamed of having “a huge family.” She also denied charges that she was irresponsible to have so many babies — especially with six other children already at home.

“People feel, you know, this woman is being completely irresponsible and selfish to bring these children in the world without a clear source of income and enough help to raise them,” Curry told Nadya Suleman in a segment that aired Friday on TODAY. “The world outside is saying, ‘What are you doing?’ ”

“I know I’ll be able to afford them when I’m done with my schooling,” the 33-year-old single mom replied. Calm, poised and articulate in the glare of the media spotlight, Suleman added: “If I was just sitting down watching TV and not being as determined as I am to succeed and provide a better future for my children, I believe that would be considered, to a certain degree, selfish.”


Mercy-killing, mercy-killing
Kill the babies
It’s what God’s willing

That’s the motto of the world :rolleyes:

One doesn’t have to believe in abortion and euthanasia to feel that this woman is out to lunch for what she did. By that I don’t mean the decision to not have ‘selective termination’ – that wasn’t hers to make – but the decision to go through IVF to get pregnant when she already had 6 children at home.

The doctor who did the IVF and then implanted 8 embryos should lose his licence for doing something so unethical.

OK. Now she has 14 children and WE will have to pay for them. She’ll make some money from Hollywood but that will be it.

you forgot unmarried and unemployed!!

I’ll be praying for her and her kids

Does she honestly think that as a single mom with a counseling degree (in California, where the cost of living is very high compared to most of the nation), she’ll be able to provide fully for the kids without ANY assistance? Or are her mom and dad going to pick up the tab?

She is definitely out to lunch. I have a friend whose husband is a counselor…she has to work part time so that they have decent health insurance (he works for the archdiocese, Lord bless him, but their insurance is horrible) and can make ends meet.

I have to wonder if she’s taken a close look at the cost of childcare recently? She’s talking about going back to school next year. There is no way she will get enough money in student loans to pay the cost of childcare for 14 kids. I barely get enough to pay for childcare for my two year old, which is why I’m not in school right now. I’ve got a husband who makes pretty decent money, and it’s still doesn’t make it any easier to get my degree done. I had to make the very difficult decision to hold off on my education and stay home. I can’t afford to pay childcare with DH’s income after paying our monthly expenses and I can’t swallow the idea of going into debt up to my eyeballs in student loans just to pay for childcare for ONE kid and have to pay it back when I graduate. Ahem…after paying THAT student loan payment, there won’t be much left over to pay the rent!

I’m seriously concerned that she is not living in reality right now.

She has had all of her children through IVF with no husband and no job. She clearly hasn’t been living in reality for a while now.

Not only that she wants to pursue further education to get her master’s degree. Who is going to care for her kids and how is she going to support them and pay for her higher education at the same time. The prediction for the just the extended care of her children right now says, even if she spends only 45 min/day with each of her 14 children…she wouldn’t have enough time to even sleep let alone all the other things a mother needs to do to care for her children.

God help her! She’s going to need an army of willing people.

I agree that doctor should lose his license. The doctor implanted 6 embryos. Two of them split resulting in octuplets. To top it off, the mother claims the same doctor implanted 6 embryos with each of the previous 5 pregnancies.

She was married (1999 to Jan 2008) when she had the first 6 children. However, her husband was not the biological father of the children. Just plain weird!

Yes, it is easy to pass judgement on her, but what she and her children really need is help.

She decided to have 14 kids with no father. She elected to deny them a father. That’s the injustice.

Boy if that doesn’t sound rude. We have so much here in America why can’t we share? The “nit wit aliens” come here because there are no jobs,no money and no resources to help them and their families.

What will we say when we are before the throne of God and He asks why so many people during our time died due to starvation?

They aren’t my kids.

will be answered by God with

No they were mine.

She should not receive public money, but, then again, neither should any other mother who deliberately gets pregnant without the support of a husband.

The problem is, we’ve created this mess by allowing it. Now we have a can of worms.

I don’t think this is a matter of passing judgement. It’s more like anger and the position those kids have deliberately been put into. There is no way humanly possible that woman can meet these kids needs without a father in the picture. Those kids DESERVED a father and she robbed them of it…deliberately.

There’s a lot of justified anger here. And it isn’t just at her. It’s at anybody who deliberately gets pregnant without two stable parents in the picture. It’s selfish and unfair to the children.

From what I read, I understood it that she and her husband split before she started having kids but didn’t actually legally divorce until 2008. But they weren’t “together” during this time in any way.

She holds each baby 45 minutes a day. Wonder if she has thought about the other 23.25 hours each day X 14 children X 18 years (at an absolute minimum and if very, very lucky because some of these children may be dependent for life), all while considering going back to school, having no job, having no husband to be a father to these children? The whole situation is surreal and sad, all because some (doctor, mom, society) did not initially consider the basic question: Because we CAN do something, does it mean we SHOULD?

Satan sure makes events twisted for us to find God’s love and how are we to serve Him. First I pray for the mother and her children - the new babies are beautiful. Next, I pray for the mother and her children. I know the first twist came with embryonic planting - then it was repeated five more times until the last - planting eight! The trickery of Satan of course used the medical field who used the mother whose judgement is not
adequate for the safety and care of herself and her children. Then the old boy had a cheering crowd of people who said they would not pay for her and children’s needs - they should have been killed. All the rage and hurtful speech gets thicker and blacker. Satan laughs at all of us - we create evil and then are puzzled when it is used and we can’t seem to
recognize it. What is the way out of this? We are called upon by Our Lord to help those who are unable to help themselves. Babies anyone?
A new cheerleading group is needed to say Thank you God for the beautiful children, we will do our best to help care. Are there not enough of us to care and safekeep the innocent? Are there enough of us to
raise our voices again, and again, against those who will please Satan by pretending to be God and use our medical knowledge to abuse conception by all the various processes, ultimately ending in murder?

Oh my Jesus! Forgive us our sins, save us from the fires of Hell, and lead all souls to Heaven especially those in most need of Thy mercy!

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