Octuplets doctor has another patient expecting quadruplets

A few months after Dr. Michael Kamrava helped Nadya Suleman become pregnant with octuplets, he transferred at least seven embryos to another patient.

She was in her late 40s and wanted just one baby.

Now she’s five months pregnant with quadruplets and hospitalized at Los Angeles County-USC Medical Center, according to several sources familiar with the situation.

The new case could add to concerns about Kamrava’s practice and about whether the fertility industry needs more regulation.


This doctor should be held financially responcible for these childern. In Suleman’s case its obviouse from the interviews I’ve seen she is unstable so what was this guy thinking? Have him now pay for these childeren till they are 18 and not taxpayers and this stuff will end!

Just another result of our “on demand” culture. We’ve become a society of Verucca Salts (the spoiled girl from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory). “I want an oompa loompa NOW Daddy!”. As a group, we feel that we should, can and DESERVE what we want, how we want it exactly when we want. When things don’t quite work that way, we expect pity and empathy…and we have every right to be angry. It’s only a matter of time before in situations like these, where they can determine which of the multiple babies is most likely to be beautiful, intelligent, successful, etc. and then the rest are aborted. You might think that is absurd, but we are headed down that path.

In cases if artificial fertilization (which I think is completely wrong) the parents should have to go through the same stringent background investigations, interviews, credit checks, home inspections, etc. that hopeful adoptive parents must go through at the very least.

Again I am posting this article on the incentive to have more pregnancies and births…

In 1992, Congress passed a law requiring fertility clinics to report their pregnancy rates. It came about because a rogue practitioner was telling patients the success rates of in vitro fertilization based on national statistics and neglecting to mention that his own clinic had none. Thus a national registry was born, financed by taxpayers. The clinics that refused were listed as non reporters, hardly a punishment.

But the implications of a government published report were unanticipated and it changed behavior.** Since clinics were measured by pregnancy rates, there was incentive to implant more embryos into a patient —** creating the unwanted consequence of a boom in twins and triplets.

Many of our hospitals are doing these procedures. This is the road In vitro has created and how can you stop this as it is their choice?


I think 3 should be the max embryos allowed. Triplets have a good chance of surviving fine if all of them implant. And if for some strange reason all 3 split, most sextuplets do ok. Any more is very irresponsible and should be illegal IMO. The dangers to mother and child are too great.

I believe this “doctor”, more like mad scientist, should pay for these children .Why should tax dollars go to take care of these kids when there are children who need to be adopted? I think republicans should advocate for closing these clinics.

In a lot of states, there IS a limit. I believe it is 4. Of course she is having 4 isn’t she?:stuck_out_tongue: I wonder though, if they expect them all to survive, or there is a liklihood that some will not.

Yes, I am all in favor of all states putting a limit on this. Actually, I don’t think this is condoned by the Church at all, but I have to remind myself what a backward world we have in 2009.

The “progressive” society we have created is in reality very “regressive”.

I think IVF should be outlawed all together. Wouldn’t it be better if IVF doctors went in to an area of medecine where more doctors were needed? They’re in it for the money I believe.

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