Octuplet's mom on food stamps, publicist says

“Nadya Suleman, the mother of the octuplets born last month, gets $490 a month in food stamps, the Los Angeles Times reported Monday evening. Three of her first children also get federal supplemental security income because they are disabled, the Times reported”


Irresponsible. 6 kids, food stamps already, and she decides to implant 8 more embryos?

Ugh! :mad: :rolleyes:

Think of the innocent children. What will their life be like?
The doctor should be punished as well… at least by the medical board.


But what is to be done about it? The only public action I see that can be taken would involve government control over how many children people can have and which parents can have how many children. Do we want to go down that road? For myself, I consider it best to stay out of this matter.

I have to agree that the team that implanted the embryos should be censured in some way.

What about government regulation of IVF? There is no right to use artificial and immoral means to conceive.

Why not limit fertilization and implantation to 2 eggs/embryos (they do this in Europe), and allow IVF only for married women?

People can still have as many babies they want the proper way.

God Bless

The reason they limit it in Britain is because the NHS doesn’t want to pay for twins. It’s about rationing health care. The government is involved in every decision they make over there. That would never go over in the US because we take an individualized approach to health care. Many women need to implant three or four embryos to achieve a pregnancy. If you’re going to have IVF, the government can’t tie doctors hands behind their backs to make it less effective. It’s the medical board’s job to make sure doctors are using good judgement(like not implanting six embryos into a 25 year old on her first cycle).

Wait, why?

The government certainly can limit doctors’ freedom of action to avoid negative consequences. The FDA does it all the time. Drugs that may help some, are banned or restricted b/c of negative side effects.

Why should IVF be different? After all, it is not the parents who are paying for the immense medical costs associated with these multiple births.

God Bless

IVF is not banned. Limiting the embryos to two would would be like requiring everyone take the same dose of certain drugs. People have different needs based on their weight, age, gender ect. Women need to implant a different amount of embryos based on personal factors. Doctors understand this. Politicians don’t. While a responsible doctor would not implant 5 embryos in a 20 something woman. It might be necessary for a 39 year old on her fifth cycle. If a doctor isn’t responsible the medical board can act, but it’s a very slippery slope when the government is involved with personal medical decisions they know nothing about. In Europe, women have been forced to discard embryos and pressured into selective reductions. There is no reason to see triplets as some kind of tragedy, but in Europe it’s seen as criminal to carry them to to term. I also want to remind people that the majority of multiple births are the result of fertility drugs, not IVF. With this government involvement, these drugs could be banned, and women will only have the option of IVF even if it’s against their beliefs.

Six young children

Food Stamps (in and of itself not bad if needed)

Single and living with parents

And the doctor implanted the fertilized cells WHY???

We don’t need the government to write a new law or tell us this is wrong,we need the medical profession to say its WRONG and refuse to do it.

God bless these 14 innocent children.

Well, who started IVF in the first place ??

They reaped what they sowed.

Let the government support those kids. Serve them right !

Just another way of making money from the government. Happens all the time.

ANY matter that concerns life - its inception and its natural end - should be acknowledged by all Catholics and certainly Christians of good faith.

There are many other options thatn regulating numbers of children. These children will need a stable and caring home. It is obvious that the mother is nowhere near capable of caring for the ones she already has or the etight in the hospital.

How many Catholics step forward and are willing to adopt - not just these babies but at all times whnever needed?

Catholics should be adopting as a regular way of increasing the blessings of family. While I would not regulare it, I would like to see every Catholic family that is able (not just those who THINK they are able, i.e. comfortable) adopt at least one child.

Good and correct information - but IVF is bannede by the Church and it goes against the will of God. It is a hard thing to accept - infertility and inability to becoem b=pregnant - but there are solutions that are not vain and selfish. Let’s promote adoption. God may provide a perfectly available child for an infertile couple exactly because they are infertile. We all should be open to that instead of seeking out methods that play with the hands of God with respect to the conception of new life.

Irresponsible. 6 kids, food stamps already, and she decides to implant 8 more embryos?

With all fairness to Nadya, she had only SIX embryos implanted, but two split into twins.

The laws currently specify that continued receipt of federal public assistance monies when one has 5+ children requires sterilization, either temporary (norplant) or permanent, but the government pays for it.

So the government already mandates a limit. Many case workers don’t enforce it, and perhaps it was overturned.

The American Society for Reproductive Medicine confirmed Tuesday that it’s investigating because Nadya Suleman says she received in-vitro fertilization for all 14 of her children at the same Beverly Hills fertility clinic.

Suleman, 33, told NBC’s “Today” show that she was implanted with six embryos in each of her six pregnancies, resulting in four single births, a set of twins and the octuplets. No more than three embryos are considered the norm for a woman her age, and fertility experts and medical ethicists have been critical of the Jan. 26 birth of the octuplets.

The society has contacted Suleman and her doctor, and is prepared to assist the Medical Board of California, which is also looking into the pregnancy, the society’s president, Dr. R. Dale McClure, said in a statement.

“Our guidelines provide the flexibility to give each patient treatment individualized to her needs, and her best chance to become pregnant without risking high-order multiple pregnancy,” said McClure. “However, it seems that the guidelines may not have been followed in Ms. Suleman’s case.”


I think society should be careful to not inadvertently punish the children in this case. Perhaps there is some way for the children to be taken care of, without the possibility of the mom abusing the money.

I believe that IVF is immoral (and doubly immoral in this instance, since she was not married to the father). But I also believe that every life BEGINNING AT FERTILIZATION is precious, so I think that Ms. Suleman did the RIGHT thing by not having her children destroyed, either by being thrown out as embryos, or by being selectively aborted.

As for the physician, since it is claimed that she went to the same place for all of her pregnancies, I wonder whether they offer patients any sort of psychological counseling? It seems unethical to not require such a service. How did she manage to have so many children so quickly? Wouldn’t the doctor think it to be more prudent to wait a while between pregnancies? Who knows what all actually went on.:shrug:

I also disagree with many people’s reactions to her receiving any sort of government assistance. We are citizens of a country, and so are duty bound to help our fellow citizens, even in unpleasant circumstances. As it is, your tax dollars fund contraception, abortion, and prison populations, as well as wars, environmental degradation, and plain-old inefficient bureaucracy. I certainly think the care and well being of innocent children is far more important than making sure prisoners have gym equipment.

Whatever we may possess, money or otherwise, is not really our own. It’s God’s, and so we should use it only as He would like us to. Where are religious charities and right-to-life groups? Why are they not supporting these children, who so obviously need help? The deed is done. Stop blaming the mother. Help the children, and help her! She seems to have some mental health issues, as well as unrealistic life goals.

We should all pray for the family, and commend all their souls to God and His mercy. Think of the miracle of those eight babies surviving for so long already without breathing machines and oxygen! I think this is a powerful testimony for the sanctity of life.

This isn’t about helping her with government money or not. Nor is it about whether or not she shouyld have had IVF. It is about what is in the best interest of the children.

The mother is obviously not capable of handling 14 children at home. Both the grandparents have expressed sentiment that neither of them are going to help in the care of the children if and when the octuplets were to come home. Bringing children into a family (of which it seems problematic that one even exists - just babies and a gestator) with the seeming sole purpose to derive more public assistance is just nuts. And CERTAINLY not fair to the children. It is wrong to ask the citizens of the state of California to pay for the care of these children when their care is given over to an obviously incompetent woman.

Adopt the children out to families who will agree to meet once a mont for a giant family get-together so that the children may have some contact with their siblings. Let the kids (who are already at a disadvantage medically - as are three of her previous six children) have a shot at a real life with a room, time with parents who can care for them physically AND emotionally, and chances to have good educations that will matter.

I DO care what happens to the mother as well. She needs to be held for psychiatric evaluation and someone needs to petition to act as her conservatyor as her prebvious behavior proves that she is too unstable to manage her own life. She has lied, cheated, and double dipped into welfare while other familes go without and try to make ends meet. This situation exists because she has lead a disordered life against God’s plan. Let us not delve into further disorder by letting her parent these children as well.

But to reiterate - the best interests of ALL 14 children need to be considered before one scintilla of concern is granted to the mother. She is manipulative an conniving. Deserving of our compassion and forgiveness to be sure, but those children did not ask to be thrown into such a situation and they deserve better because they are innicent. The mother is far from it.

There’s obviously something wrong with the mother. The doctors should be held accountable.

It’s getting weird/bad…

"Taxpayers may have to cover octuplet mom’s costs

LOS ANGELES (AP) — A big share of the financial burden of raising Nadya Suleman’s 14 children could fall on the shoulders of California’s taxpayers, compounding the public furor in a state already billions of dollars in the red.

Even before the 33-year-old single, unemployed mother gave birth to octuplets last month, she had been caring for her six other children with the help of $490 a month in food stamps, plus Social Security disability payments for three of the youngsters. The public aid will almost certainly be increased with the new additions to her family."

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