Octuplets' mother, who already has six children, turned down selective abortion

The mother of the octuplets born this week already has six other young children and refused the option of a selective abortion when told she was expecting multiple babies, it has emerged.

Instead the woman, who has not been publicly named, chose to go ahead and give birth, giving her a total haul of 14 children.

Today, as all the babies continued to make good progress in a Los Angeles hospital, it emerged that the mother’s existing six children were under the age of eight, including one set of twins.
The family live with both her and her parents in the well-kept suburb of Whittier, near Los Angeles.


It is too bad that she didn’t skip the artificial means of getting pregnant in the first place. These moral dilemnas would not come up if people were not letting their doctors play at being God. I believe that there is a certain amount of vanity that makes us desire biological children to the extent that we (especially Catholics who know better) would spend 10s of 1000s on artificial things that can end up causing these huge groups of multiples with increased risks for all of the babies. I know that it is very hard not to conceive, but God’s plan for each of us is different and not always what we might desire.

The same situation happened to the other mother of octuplets in Houston years ago. (Only 7 of those children are now alive according to the news.) The Houston family went the artificial route to get pregnant and then got upset when the doctor assumed that they would want to continue to play God and selectively abort some of the babies. Good that they chose to support life in the end, but bad that they got themselves into the situation in the first place. If these folks merely wanted to be parents then there are children available for adoption. This latest family already had 6 children, so simply wanting to be a parent was not the motive for using artificial means to have another pregnancy.

do we really know the woman used an artifical means for getting pregnant? one article said another woman had octuplets in the 60’s, when did the fertility drugs first come out?

on a way cool note, the family is not media friendly. aw, poor media :rolleyes:

and this article quoted the grandmother as saying

Suleman said her daughter had not expected so many embryos to keep developing, but rejected selective reduction.
“What do you suggest she should have done? She refused to have them killed,” Suleman told the Times. “That is a very painful thing.”


Fertility drugs do not go against church teaching. IVF was what was used here anyway,The crazy doctor implanted 8 embryos when four is usually the limit.

This whole deal – 14 kids – is way beyond stupid.

Well, it seems unfair that so few should have so many and so many should have so few, to steal a line from Raising Arizona, but these babies are being supported, so power to them. It’s too bad she used IVF, and weird she’d use it when she wasn’t married (if I caught that right), but she didn’t kill any of her 14 children, so right there she’s shown herself a relatively trustworthy mother. May they live long and prosper.:thumbsup:

I must have missed that. although with 14, that begs belief.

My GM came from parents who were among 11 kids, 2 adults and 15 kids, 2 adults respectively IIRC. I doubt there was a high-school grad among those parents, my GGGparents. That was a century ago, but there are people alive now who can remember those days. Kids don’t have to grow up with their own rooms, convenience snacks, and new wardrobes every year.


Britain’s Sun newspaper reported that the mother works in a fertility clinic. **The grandmother said she had multiple embryos implanted last year **and declined to abort any of them.

The hospital, Kaiser Permanente in Bellflower, Calif., did not release the mother’s name, but the Sun, without citing sources, identified her as 33-year-old Nadya Suleman. She does not appear to have a husband.

CBS News reported that the woman’s father is Iraqi and is heading back to his native country to earn money for the growing family.

So it sounds like she did use IVF. And had 8 implanted. :eek: It doesn’t sound like she is married, since her Father is heading back to Iraq to get a job. No word on “Daddy.”

She is unmarried, lives with her parents, already has 6 other children and she goes and has 8 more.

Here’s what I want to know:


I find this very futuristic- creepy- what- we’re- headed- for- society.

Thank God the kids are fine, but I see very little good coming from this situation…

I won’t say having 14 children is stupid, except that in this case what was a bit strange is that she already HAD six children. While we have to be careful about how the media presents stories, she has - so far - been called a “single” mother. Now, that begs the question - if single, why go to these extremes? Or was she single before the invitro? But - if she already had six children, and apparently giving birth was difficult (hence, the embryo issue) - one would think (unless you’re rich, rich, rich) six was enough (let alone 8 - uh, 14).

What gets me is the term, “selective reduction” of some of the babies. REDUCTION? That was the most horrifically ludicrous term I’d ever heard. (anything to skirt the word) It’s just plain abortion of “embryos” - i.e. already life implanted. Our medical profession has gone way too far and should step back a few steps…stop and realize there are too many diseases in the world that need curing. They’ve gone the route of being able to HELP women who can’t have children as easily as possible. How much further will they go in their attempts at trying to be gods?

It is good that she turned down selective abortion but it is too bad that she did not choose to skip the artificial means of getting pregnant. I wonder if she will choose to give birth to her other unborn children or if she will put her other unborn children up for adoption? One can only hope and pray. :signofcross:

Well, here’s what I want to know…how is she going to support 14 children??? I can’t figure out how she is supporting the 6 she had before the 8 she has now. My guess is…welfare. Yes I heard her FATHER is going back to his native Iraq to work to help support his grandkids…but lets be realistic…unless he owns an oil company it will be really hard to raise these kids, clothe and feed them.

It makes no sense why she wanted more kids…Fertility treatments if she has 2 year old kids and no husband? Thats wacko and irresponsible and the people of California now have to foot the bill for her irresponsibility! :mad:

It always escalates with an escalation of euphemism going a step ahead. Think of terms suchas “ethnic cleansing” or “liquidation”. Nothing new about euphemisms.

I agree with you to a point. My parents came from Poland with just their suitcase. We grew up poor but always had 3 meals a day, even if dinner meant potato soup. But things are a bit different now. Back then rent was $50 a month, now its $800 or better, heating is skyrocketing, food prices ridiculously high. I remember when bread was 25 cents a loaf!! (now I’m really giving away my age) and we didn’t even have medical insurance when I was growing up. Now you have to have it and with all the medications people take - well…people live longer now too - its very costly. It’s a different world than gramma and gramps era. Technology changes in the blink of an eye, it’s being forced on you, different software, different services, it’s being way too expensive to make ends meet. :eek:

No offense intended but would you rather that she had murdered her unborn children? :shrug::confused: I mean, personally, I would have put the “extra” children up for adoption. And I hate calling them “extra” children too because all children are equally valuable in the eyes of God and the Church.

I would rather that she didn’t have ANY children implanted. She is unmarried with 6 children under the age of 8.

Why does an unmarried woman with 6 children go to a fertility doctor? Who is Dad? Where is Dad?

I don’t know if the mother is U.S. native born or not. Welfare was already a possible speculation…but a friend told me just awhile ago (and I’m hoping they got this story correct) - that it will cost California $100,000 **per day **for the hospital bills. I’ve worked here all my life, can’t get full time work - and haven’t had medical insurance FOR YEARS. If I get sick, I lose everything.:confused:

The facts are this woman kept 8 more babies knowing she already had 6. There are certainly questions of judgement and IVT is a problem, but she valued life.

I hate CNN articles, having 8 babies raises ethical question, woman selling her virginity, it’s her choice, who is CNN to judge?

Octuplets: Eight times the ethical questions

What is virginity worth today?

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