Odd book at Local Catholic Bookstore

I went to the Catholic Bookstore in my diocese and saw an interesting book on the counter, prominently displayed:


The woman in clerical garb made me pick it up, and then I put it back down when I saw that she was an Episcopal Bishop.

Anyway- has anyone read it? If you have- in your opinion, why would it be in a Catholic bookstore?

Not sure. Someone could have ordered it by mistake. Or they may be making a message heard since she is a Bishop and quite accomplished, talented and intellectual. If their aim is to promote women clergy that may answer it.

You might ask as you never know. I recall an older RCC priest who made it plain from the pulpit one Sunday that he saw nothing wrong with women priests. A nun (prof) said the same thing in a college course. You never know…can’t hurt to ask.

Rev North

Perhaps your Catholic bookstore also gets a general Christian crowd that shops there. I used to shop from time to time at an Evangelical style bookstore simply because they were close enough for me to get there. There are more options in my area now (plus the internet). One of my local options is clearly Catholic, but it has books for other Christians as well.

the bookstore owner may have a contract with a certain publisher or clearing house that requires him to stock a certain number of books by that publisher that fall into a general category, or he may be a franchisee and told what to stock.

Diocese of Erie?

Help me out here, where is this?

You must inform your pastor, then go to the dean, then go to the Bishop.

Depending on the structure in your area, in mine, this would be the protocol.

According to holy scriptures, you must go first to the pastor, he may be unaware of this.

Bishop Trautman

And what do you think they would do to the bookstore owner? It’s not like the owner reports to them.

Not a thing to the owner. But they can, make sure the faithful know about it.

Eh, maybe it might get a bulletin blurb… once. But I think this kind of thing would be pretty low on the bishop’s priority list.

I agree. How many Catholics would read it?

I work 2 jobs, barley make it to Holy Mass sometimes, My free time is to short. Why would I waste it reading the opinions of a protestant that thinks she is a bishop ?

ok I confess, :rolleyes: I thought you guys may being rough on this lady, so i surfed and just looked at some reviews on amazon’’


Starts out ok shes talking about loving one another ok, not bad then her being a bishop in the espocialan cant even spell it sorry church. Well dont know much about that, bishop sounds kinda high up there, so I read on.

Then they talk about how she says those opposing homosexuals in the priest hood are like the pharsies. and I read enough, The fruit is rotten there and probably past date on the rest.

While I dont like banning or censoring books or anything, it could have a warning I guess. But then again something by someone spreading junk like that is not good, perhaps they should put it in the discount bin and it will leave the store quicker. :slight_smile:

On the principle of ‘know your enemy’ perhaps? :slight_smile:

Why did we ever stop burning books? :o

For one thing these days there’d be way too many and in too large quantities to keep track of 'em all.

I was thinking the same thing. My reading interests are varied. Learning new things and not limiting ourselves to one genre is what diversifies us. You can’t tell me that everyone here always reads “Catholic only books.”


This woman is the head of the anglican church! She is the highesst ranking anglican bishop in the United States! Yes, she openly promotes active homosexuality and the ordination of openly active homosexual priests! BTW, it was the anglican church that first opened it’s door to the use of contraceptives in the thirties, paving the way for so many other Protestant denominations that had never before even considered it!

After I saw the book, I went back this morning and was browsing.
There are some other… interesting?..book at the Bookstore.

So I asked about a TLM Missal:
“Those aren’t printed anymore. Why would you need one anyway?”
“To use when attending the local TLM”
“The what?”
“Latin Mass”
“I went to those when I was a kid, I hated them. I am so glad we do them in English now. No one offers Latin Masses anymore”
“There is one at St.XXXX. And the Motu Proprio the Pope issued a few months back lets priests celebrate the Mass without the Bishop’s approval”
“The Pope issued a what?”
“Never mind. Thanks”

I guess I find that more significant than having a book from a female bishop available.

Of course, but some people are not as informed about their own faith to begin with, and wouldnt you agree that those should be informed that these books are NOT expressing Catholic thought just so they dont mistakenly think the Church is approving things it is not. I mean, I can just see someone buying it and thinking, well it wouldnt be there if the church had a problem with this kind of thinking…:eek:
Some people just connect dots that are not there!
It should have a warning label…

Just like cigarettes do.

Warning: The Bishop Of ROME has determined that this book is a danger to your spiritual health if you think its catholic thought, because its NOT.

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