Odd dream - was it a sin?


This morning, I had a dream where I wouldn’t say I desecrated the Eucharist, but did some very inappropriate things with it (taking it out of Mass, hiding the Eucharist in my jacket sleeve, etcetera). It was in a dream, so I doubt it was a sin, but I just want to make sure. Do I have to mention this in Confession?


Not a sin.


You can’t control what you dream, so no, not a sin.



Dreams just sort of randomize everything, but sometimes you can make out some kind of theme. It sounds like your sleeping brain was just trying to love and hug and take the Eucharist home.

So I suspect that you want to go to Mass more, or spend more time at Adoration! :slight_smile:

Anyway, don’t let dreams trouble you. If they help you get a look at what’s going on with your emotions and worries, use that. If they don’t help you, forget them.


It is impossible to sin while asleep.

No, this does not mean God wants us to sleep all day.


Dang it! I thought I’d become Saint Upgrade by waking up, going to Confession, Mass, and going to sleep.


We cannot sin while dreaming, as the volitional functions in our head are then asleep.



Well, you couldn’t, unless your wellbeing were suppressed in some way.


I had a very odd dream last night as well. Must’ve been “Crazy Dream Thursday.”


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