Odd questions about modern priesthood, monkhood, etc


Hello there,

recently I had these odd visions. They were really strange, men exuding a strange lighted aura, a very positive aura, I would say. Then I heard female voices saying things about these men. For example, one man they called “sage priests”, others they called “techno nuns” or “monk priests” or “mage priests” and so on. It was a little like in roleplaying games, maybe you know these professions and alignments from pen and paper rpg’s.

Could someone tell me if this is real in the modern world? I mean, for instance, are there catholic priests who work with technology, fighting against, hmm, techno wizards?

I had this odd vision and talk with one man who said I am a sage priest, and he would be using certain computer technology to shield people from evil magic done by techno wizards?

Then I had this vision of a big angel descending to me and saying, I am your angel and I am very big. He said there needs to be made a “white peace” for certain sects and cults and especially for circles of magicians. They would need to understand how they were supposed to give up their magic and leave their sects and cults, but without being punished by the law or being prayed into hell by victims of theirs, so that forgiveness would “win the day”. I mean, we christians were supposed to show these people goodness so that that would finally distract them from their spiritual evil so they would more easily stop that evil knowing that there are, instead, good things to pursue which would still satiate their curiousity. I mean, for example, I had this small vision or impression about how magic was once meant to be many thousands of years ago. The vision said that once there were people very interested in music and poetry and such and they wanted to give people more fire in their hearts and show them interesting things and that this was what they called magic and it was really an artistic thing and not a magical or demonic thing until satan and demons came and were able to subvert these people into the magic we know in this day and age as an evil and occult thing. I mean, to this day people write poetry and think of what they call “magical” moments and they don’t mean anything occult but instead just speak about things of the heart and of the spirit which has captivated them in a positive way, ie something like “there was something magical in the sunlight today, it felt like a sea of bright light”. Or something like maybe we need to build a great band of musicians that makes such good sound that people catch fire again and don’t drown in boring lives.

After this big angel came I had this odd experience that mages would enter my room trying to kill me with odd green syringes they stung me with. It was like they heard of this white peace thing and wanted to kill me so it would not happen. I had this experience of being hit with many arrows of death and guilt and so on. But I was able to pull out these arrows again after a wave of enormous feelings of guilt washed over me. Then my feelings were ok again.

Then I heard voices talk to me about what I was supposed to be and they said I was meant to be a sage monk, but in a quirky way. I should say that my church is a german protestant church that has no monks. But I sympathize a lot with the idea of being a monk and I also know a fair deal about theology and spirituality. A voice in me said, I would like to be a sage monk who, among other things, can fight against wizards and mages. It was an interesting experience, but I know that the angels and Jesus Christ protected me from very evil attacks.

So I wanted to ask you, was that vision real and are there such vocations like sage priests or techno priests, etc? And about the vision of how magic started out, was that real or was it ALWAYS an evil thing? I must add I know next to nothing about magic and that I myself never did anything magical. I also don’t even know whethere there are really so many magicians active in the world or if they really have much power or anything like that, ie if it’s even worth to fight against it.

Thank you for your time, God bless you and may the saints be with you!


Well… there are monks that use the internet and computers. I know of atleast one that uses computers for bible translation. Not sure about the rest of that though.

But maybe you should cut down on the pizza just before bed.


I would hesitate to call these visions. I would call them dreams.

Monitor what you eat before bed and don't leave the television on while you are sleeping.


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But maybe you should cut down on the pizza just before bed.


Man, I might START eating pizza before bed! :newidea:



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