Oddest Book Titles


**`Unwashed Masses’ Spurn Pygmy Love Queen, Seek Closure in Prize

**One of the year’s most eagerly awaited literary awards just went to a self-help manual by an author called Big Boom.
The title? [If You Want Closure in Your Relationship, Start With Your Legs]("http://www.simonsays.com/content/book.cfm?tab=1&pid=534221&er=9781416546467").'' Bowing to the demands of what it called theunwashed masses’’ who cast their votes online, the Bookseller magazine of London announced that Big Boom defeated ``I Was Tortured by the Pygmy Love Queen’’ and four other niche books to capture the 30th annual Diagram Prize for Oddest Book Title of the Year.

. . . . .

The title was nominated by Nicolas Hoare, who runs Canadian bookshops specializing in British books, according to the Bookseller. He wins a magnum of champagne, Rickett said.
The runner-up, with 20 percent, was I Was Tortured by the Pygmy Love Queen.'' In third place wasCheese Problems Solved,’’ with 19 percent.
`Are Women Human?‘
The shortlist also included How to Write a How to Write Book,''Are Women Human? And Other International Dialogues,’’ and [People Who Mattered in Southend and Beyond: From King Canute to Dr. Feelgood.'']("http://www.ian-henry.com/ESSEX/53.HTM") Titles are nominated by publishers, booksellers, authors, agents and librarians. Then the submissions are winnowed down to a shortlist.It’s put together by a mysterious cabal,’’ Rickett said. I wouldn't want to reveal the details.'' Since 2000, the finalists have been put to a vote by the public, a process that a Bookseller press release jokingly calledletting the unwashed masses decide.’’ The winner that year: ``High Performance Stiffened Structures.’’

My absolute favorite is How to Write a How to Write Book. I suspect some of them are actually a typo on the dust jacket – maybe How to Bombproof Your Horse is really Your House? Did they look inside?

I like the pygmy queen one, makes me think of larry the cable guy lol.

Anyway, How to bombproof your horse is deffinately not a typo, people really don’t get horse world terms lol. “Bombproof” is used to descirbe a horse that no one has fallen off of, or won’t cause trouble.

Nope. It’s horse. I have the book. Most horses don’t realize their size or their strength. They are prey animals and frightened of everything. A frightened horse is a dangerous horse so bombproofing them (exposing them to as many things as possible so they don’t spook) is a necessity if you like a calm, peaceful horse and ride. If you like jumping all over the place, spinning, and bolting off at breakneck speed when your horse sees a new rock, then you won’t have to worry about bombproofing the horse.:stuck_out_tongue:

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