OF Mass and traditionalists

Why do some traditional Catholics dislike the OF Mass? What do they find lacking?

I don’t consider myself a “traditional Catholic”, except that I try to be loyal to the Church and the Pope. Recently I began going to the EF every Sunday, but I still go to the OF on weekdays when I can. For me, it’s not that I don’t like the OF. I just find it is generally done in an irreverent manner.

When I go to the OF Mass, I enter the Church and start praying while most others chat and do not prepare themselves for what they are about to experience. Then the guitars come out along with the protestant hymns with dodgy theology, and I’m not sure if I’m back at my old Presbyterian Church or at Mass. Even the homilies are more… hmm, how do I say this. Well one priest I know will spend half his homily telling jokes, and the rest of the homily relating the joke to some spiritual truth, and another priest who regularly includes anecdotes from movies. I don’t know, I just find the homilies at the TLM cut straight to my heart more. They seem more mature and…traditional!

There are very special parts of the Mass where our crucified Lord is laid bare on the altar for us, and the reality of what has just happened before our eyes and the special, somber moment is totally lost when the choir starts playing a chipper up beat “Agnus Dei”. If you lived 2000 years ago and were at Calvary watching Jesus being crucified, would you seriously whip out a guitar and some tambourines? No. So why on earth would we do that during this specific part of the Mass, where we go back to Calvary? I find it incredibly disrespectful.

Receiving Jesus Christ is always an honour, but I do prefer to kneel when I receive communion but if there isn’t a kneeler I won’t because I’ll generally trip on my skirt when I attempt to get up lol.

I think I could have summed that all up by saying that in my experience, the TLM has a more prayerful atmosphere and the entire Mass, before during and after, is devoted to the worship of God. And it simply suits my spirituality better.

But I think I would really enjoy an OF Mass that was done in a more solemn manner. There just aren’t many like that around here. It doesn’t even have to have any Latin at all, just some more reverence for Our Crucified Lord please…!

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