Of the following, what is the biggest threat to the growth of Catholicism


What do you think fellow Catholics?


none of the above
the biggest threat to the Church is internal, those who profess the Faith publicly but flagrantly live in violation of her God-given laws.


The question is “of the following”. Maybe I should have included “other”.


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Or maybe add “None”


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The biggest threat would be a rise in relativist theology.


The desire to fit into the ways of the world.


relativism is the biggest thread.


I think the biggest threats to the growth of Catholicism are the nominal Catholics (including some clergy and higher :o ) who claim Catholicism as their faith, but don’t bother to intimately know it and love it, and then pass that on to their families and those they come in contact with, and always with a humble and loving spirit.

“I would that you be either hot or cold, but because you are lukewarm I will spew you out of my mouth.” Jesus said it best. :frowning:


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As a former Protestant I have to say its the Bible-only churches and here’s why. I think the idea espoused by Protestants is nothing different from the lie in the garden - that we can each be our own arbiter of truth - each one being a law unto himself. Once you buy into that core assumption, relativism and all the others soon follow. Atheism/agnosticism and relativism to me are nothing more than the children brought forth from the protestant philosophy of autonomy (and before the 16th century protestant there were the donatists, albigensians and the similar thinkers). Islam may be nothing more than a backlash against that thinking. As a matter of fact, I had a friend who became a Muslim and told me it was because he thought he had taken God too lightly as a Presbyterian! So maybe the answer is all the above?


Jesus said that? where?


A rise in Islam:
It’s a counter-irritant and will HELP the growth of the Church.

The increase in other Christian faiths & Bible-only Christianity: Will draw some people, but those people will then fall into being agnosto-secularists.

Atheism/Agnosticism and influence of non-believers:
This is the result of being in a secularist society, after having fallen into the “protestant” trap.

Secularist societies & consumerism and materialism:
This is the “true need-for-faith killing machine”, which makes people feel Christ is not necessary. This is the big draw, as Europe is seeing.

Is only a misused tool that happens to be mostly used by secularist agnosto-atheists.


Right. Rationalism, Nominalism, Modernism. The usual suspects.

And of course, it’s because the Chruch is not of this world that the warfare exists.


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***Revelation 3:15-16 RSV

  1. "I know your works. You are neither cold nor hot. Would that you were cold or hot!

  2. So because you are lukewarm and neither cold nor hot, I will spew you out of my mouth."***

It was a message to the church of Laodicea.

Of all the messages he had for all the churches, His words were the harshest for these people, who thought they had it all going on, they were on the inside, but in Christ’s eyes they were poor spiritually and unacceptable to Him because they did not either believe or disbelieve, they were indifferent.

My point is this, if we as Catholics, all of us, would take our faith seriously and by doing so, be a great witness to the Catholic faith, (and not just belong to the Church like it’s a social club or like it’s just something we were born into, like our nationality) if we would love Christ with all our being, people would not be leaving the Church in droves, either seeking a more vibrant church elsewhere, or giving up on God altogether, there would be no need.

It’s not the Church that is lacking, it’s the witness of the average Catholic to the faith that is lacking and causing her children to not see what is here for them. :frowning:


Read “Europe and the Faith” by Hillaire Belloc—it remains the clearest monograph on this topic.


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