Off-shift work and NFP


So, I am going to start charting…
I work two 12 hour night shifts a week (7pm-7am) , which of course means my waking temps. won’t be at the same time. From what I understand, consistent timed waking temps. are important. Can I still use the NFP method and have it be accurate?

Trying to be faithful…


You may or may not have a problem using the Sympto-Thermal method of NFP. Some people have very sensitive temperatures, so that waking times can be greatly affected… others don’t. Also, since you only work 2 night shifts per week, you can often exclude those “outliers” and can still trust the normal temperature data from the rest of the week…

Now, I mentioned the Sympto-Thermal method of NFP above because there are OTHER methods of NFP that do not require temperature… the Creighton method, for example. I’m not educated in Creighton, but I know it can be used very accurately and may be the best choice for you since your temperatures may be inaccurate.

Hope that helps! :slight_smile:


Thank you! That helps a lot. I’ll do research into that.


I second that you look into Creighton on Billings, neither of which use temperature.

I know there are instructions in the STM for shift work, time zone changes, etc, but IMHO if it’s going to be a regular thing with you then I’d just go with a different method.


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