Off-shoot of iRosary thread

Check this thread first, which puts forth for discussion the concept of an iPod accessory called iRosary.

At first I thought the iRosary was a real product and I still think it’s a great idea. I hadn’t noticed the ‘settings’ feature though (Infidel, Believer, Shepherd) but that’s something to discuss in the iRosary thread.

Here, I’m pointing to the source of the iRosary concept - it was the result of a University assignment at the Universitat der Kunste Berlin.

Intrigued by the ingenuity of the designer I took a look at other projects from the class “Sacral Design”. Intrigued further I looked at other assignment from this class and noticed “Media Lies

This is what I am putting forth for discussion in this thread. I was reading the assignment and it blew me away, first, that deception would be an assignment in a university, but then next I was struck by how it makes perfect sense to make such an assignment. One can measure the effectiveness of the method of communication by how many people believe the lie.

Anyway, please feel free to discuss what you think about the Media Lies assignment. Doesn’t it make you think about who’s producing a lot of the stuff we are being fed on a adaily basis? Do US Universities teach the same methods for media majors? Is this perhaps why MSM is as messed up as it is?

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