offending Jews


Has anyone seen the story on Spirit Daily about the fear that bringing back the Tridentine Mass more fully will cause problems with the Jewish people ? Some stuff about some of the readings… I am not savvy on the TLM, because the nearest one is hundreds of miles from me.
I just wanted to hear some opinions from the ones who know better than I. I have been praying and holding my breath, and hoping that i will soon be able to go to a TLM… I got my 1962 missal and I’m reading and learning about it! :smiley:
Could this be the reason for the holdup in the MP that were all waiting for? :confused:


Sounds to me like the motu proprio might be real after all! Why would the media spend the energy to make up a new calumny about the Latin Mass if it wasn’t going to happen? This is truly encouraging!


The media turn down a chance to bash the Catholic Church? Nah - even a rumor is sufficient reason to do that. :wink:


I don’t care if the True Faith or the Traditional Latin Mass offends Jews, heathens, heretics et al.


Where are those nuns when you need them? :nun2:


The fact that they are pulling out subtle (or not so-sublte) accusations of anti-semitism shows they’re really getting worried.


Once upon a time, not too long ago, even on this very forum, some people’s objection to the supposed *Motu Proprio *was that **"No one understands Latin!"

I suppose the prospect/possibility of offending a body of people is an admission that people do so understand.

Which might be taken as progress, of a sort.



If they knew what Vatican II actually said about the Jews, they wouldn’t be so quick to embrace all that it ‘calls for’.


What’s Latin for “you have some money coming your way” again? :slight_smile:


I don’t think the Jews are worrying His Holiness one bit. I don’t remember all the charges brought out by those worried about the TLM, but one that stands largest in my mind as being a non-issue is that the TLM manages to be offensive by not having enough Old Testament readings. Boo hoo.


It figures.


What tripe.


What does

the Vatican’s chief preacher



If praying in Mass or in our homes for a specific group of people is offensive then I guess we just have to offend them. It is our duty to pray for those that are not Catholic.

All religions in some form or another pray for those that do not believe as they do. I don’t think they change their prayers because they are afraid of offending someone.


“Vatican II brought about a revolution in Catholic thinking, …”.

They got that right. So much so that if you still “think” the way the Church always thought, you are labeled a “radical Traditionalists”.


  1. Objectively, lack of acceptance of Jesus Christ is blindness. The more charitable the wording, the better, but still.

  2. The Good Friday liturgy is not mass.

  3. The new mass is also mass, so it’s not like the mass has been replaced with some new liturgy in the vernacular, which is not mass.

  4. I’ve heard the prayer for the Jews on Good Friday way after Vaticanum II as well.


I thought it was an interesting article. Of course, it’s not written from a Catholic point of view, but it gave an insightful analysis of the different forces at play here.

Why do Jews find it so offensive that Catholics would pray for their conversion? Isn’t that part of our faith, to desire all to know Christ? It’s not as if we are pointing a gun at anyone’s head, right? Why does the mere fact that we are praying for the conversion of Jews so trouble them? :shrug:


Too true.


Has anyone seen the story on Spirit Daily about the fear that bringing back the Tridentine Mass more fully will cause problems with the Jewish people ?

I have not heared that, but if it is true then I think we need take Jewdaism into account. I think we have a ‘duty of care’ not to offend. I know you will say ‘well the early Church was not afraid to offend’ but actually they did not act in a hostile way towards the Jews. They merely preached Christ.

The last century saw a lot of anti-semitism. We must make sure we do not allow anything like it to ever happen again. We make a start by being ultra-sensitive to what we do, in small ways so as to protect them in large ways

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