Offensive ad on Food Network yesterday

Did y’all see the ad for “KY Personal Lubricant” shown at about 5:15 PM Central time yesterday on Food TV? During Rachael Ray’s 30 Minute Meals program?

I found it completely tasteless and most inappropriate for that time of day. It touted their new “longer lasting” product with a series of scenes portraying (indirectly) a couple having all-night sex. The closing line was “Happy Valentine’s Night.”

I think I’m done watching this network. I can only imagine what parents must have gone through answering questions from their small children. “Daddy, why did those people leave their clothes all over the living room?” “Mommy, what’s personal lubricant for?”

KY seems to be inundating all networks. Don’t despair.

Rather than give up your shows, why not write them a letter and hopefully get the ads pulled? It does us no good to complain to each other when the network needs to know that people are offended.

Yes I saw that ad. I’m so tired of those ads, and Viagra…don’t even get me going!:mad: They are shown at all odd hours of the day and night, when kids could easily be around. It looked very racy–and it’s odd, because usually commercials reflect or serve as backdrops for the shows they are sponsoring…odd choice on that one!

i remember years ago when the tampon commercials were first
aired, now i can’t remember seeing one lately. i don’t know if it was
a result of “toxic shock syndrome” or what caused them to decline.
anyway then there was douche commercials, then condoms, now
it’s KY, viagra, and ED pills. i think they’ll quit wasting thier money
on tv ads pretty soon. then the next “shocker” will be introduced,
maybe it will be sex toys? :frowning:

How funny you mention that–I remember when I didn’t like tampon commercials either…largely, because they were very stupid. I’m sorry, but I don’t know many women who wear ALL WHITE during that time!:stuck_out_tongue: :smiley: (doing back flips or whatever else the commercials showed women doing because they were wearing tampons puuulease!:rolleyes: )

I just don’t care for those Viagra/KY ads…they are too ‘sexy’ and are on at times of the day and evening, where young eyes are seeing them…I have had to explain to my dd at 11 …what Viagra is…I don’t say the details, but the gist…I mean, you never know when it’s going to pop on the tv…so often, you can’t switch the channel fast enough. I am not a prude, by any stretch, but I don’t think all audience members need to know what ‘ED’ is…I’m so over hearing about it myself. If you have ED…go to the doctor…how about that.

I don’t have a problem with advertising these products - there are married people out there who may actually need them (aside from condoms). The problem is HOW they are marketed. They don’t need to be overtly sexy and offensive - it is possible to be discreet and advertise a product at the same time.

The product itself is not offensive (well, aside from condoms) it is the method they are using to promote the product that is giving offense.


yes–perhaps that is why i feel this way…it’s not the product, but the dramatic, and overtly sexy way it’s conveyed.

They managed for decades to promote products in discreet ways - it is only because of our current cultural acceptance of overt sexual promiscuity and public displays of affection that it has become the norm to use sex to sell in such an in your face manner.

Sex has always been used to sell - but it has not always meant that everyone had to take their clothes off and go at it on the couch? :rolleyes:


exactly!:mad: it bugs me!

This really is way out of line, for KY to advertise like this during prime time. This is exactly why we are a TV Free home during the school week and have only the $9 bare bones cable. I hate even supporting these networks and the cable companies.

It is up to us as parents to vote with our dollars and turn this sewage pipe of suttle fortification OFF, that is pouring into our homes.:mad: This is such a slippery slope.

More offensive to me than a sexy ad that is at least for a sexual product are the ads for Dentyne Fire gum that were running for a while.

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