Offensive commercial?

has anyone seen the new Eclipse Fusion chewing gum commercial? It involves a young woman “checking out” a young man while she chews the gum. She gets his attention but then casts her gaze upon another young who initially appears to be jealous…she then gives the first young woman (who willingly accepts it) a look of flirtation. Is this commercial “normalizing” what the church stands against? Is it saying it’s o.k. for young men and women to search for romantic relationships in both male and female directions? This stuff is everywhere I know, on sitcoms, in movies, among our unconnected teens, etc. but this is the first time I’ve seen it so obviously depicted in a commercial advertising chewing gum…not condoms or gel or something else that promotes “safe” sex to our youth.

yes I’ve seen that…very insulting…

and…there’s another one…a guy singing…‘I got what I was looking for…’ and it’s an advertisement for a search engine, like google or something. and there are dancing girls with swords? and then at the end…it shows the search engine, and the words…‘chicks with swords.’ I mean…this is mainstream tv…during 8pm viewing hour…come on.

the media has really lost it.:shrug:

this really is sad…I was watching a show with my 8 and 11 year olds when it came on. My little one gave me a look of “are you serious?” My 11 year old was not so quick to get it. I still don’t know what or how to say anything to them other than staying true to His word and His word only.

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