Offensive Radio Commercial from Verizon

Hi. I hope that this post is appropriate for this forum; if it is not then I will respect the moderator’s choice to remove it. This morning on a local radio station I heard a commercial for Verizon (I think it was for their FIOs service) and it seemed to be done by someone who was pretending to be the Lord, joking about how he enjoyed smiting people for their sins. I do not believe that this commercial was a parody. I am trying to find audio archives as I’d like to hear the whole commercial before I write to Verizon to complain. I’m going to call the radio station to ensure it was legitimately from Verizon and not a parody, but I am wondering if anyone else has heard this.

I haven’t heard any commercial like this, but don’t hesitate to contact the radio station’s advertising department and point out how offensive the ad is.
A few years ago a major Chicago radio station was running a commercial which was very offensive to Italian Americans. I e-mailed the station’s advertising dept. They wrote back with an apology and the ad didn’t run any more. ( I suppose I wasn’t the only one who objected.)

I have heard this commercial and found nothing offensive about it. It wasn’t much different than the Hebrew National commercial saying we answer to a higher authority.

The type of humor on those kinds of ads make me wonder why a company needs to play God to promote a product. I’ll go a bit easy on Verizon though. My understanding is that Verizon FiOS and ATT U-Verse both are easier to convince to carry EWTN than much of the cable industry. In southern Illinois, I find Mediacom’s policy of denying our EWTN requests much more offensive.

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