"Offer it up" - How?


I have heard this many times, about offering something up, but I don’t really know how one goes about this. Is it just a special prayer?

Any help would be appreciated. I feel the CCD I had in the late 70s and early 80s wasn’t quite up to snuff or something! :slight_smile:



Hi Lynn-

the idea is that if you suffer unjustly (1 Peter 2:19), your suffering (like that of Jesus) has value and can be “applied” to the needs of others (Col. 1:24), especially those souls being purified in order to enter Heaven - so instead of just gritting your teeth and bearing it, or even whining, when you’re suffering, you can pray “Lord, may this suffering be a sacrifice for whomever is most in need of your grace” or words to that effect. You can also offer your suffering as a sacrifice for a specific need.


From what I understand, whatever you are going though you don’t complain and whine about it. Christ did not do that. He did not want the sufferings (i.e. when he asked the Father to take away the cup), but he was willing to accept them. We can join our sufferings to Christ.

Since God is outside of time, I like to think about it like this (I don’t know if this is inline with church teaching, just a visual I use)…it my sufferings can take away just one of the hits Jesus took for us, or eliminate one of the thorns in his crown, to help him save souls…isn’t it worth it. I know that Jesus’ sacrifice was good enough to save us all…but this helps me to understand the ‘offer it up’.


A very devout Catholic I met told me to say this: "Lord, I offer you this [pain/grief/humiliation/etc], small as it is, in union with the sufferings of Christ, in reparation for my sins and for the salvation of souls. Amen." So that's what I say - instead of complaining and feeling sorry for myself. ;)


I usually offer something up for the holy souls in purgatory. Just simply tell God that you are offering up whatever (pain, disappointmet) for them.

I agree with you on the CCD thing. It never came close to really teaching me what I needed to know. I learned more from my husband!!


Lord, I offer You this (pain, insult, inconvenience, miserable meal, unpleasant task, disappointment, or whatever) for (the desires of Your Heart, the salvation of ______, the souls in Purgatory, the intentions of the Holy Father, the conversion of sinners, reparation for my sins, or whatever).



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