Offering up Jesus's suffering

Hi everyone…hoping for some help with this…I understand the concept of “offering up” our own suffering…but Im struggling a bit with how we are given the “right” to offer up our Lords suffering…who are we, to make that choice?

So when we say “I offer up the body and blood of our Lord Jesus Christ”…or, in the Holy Wounds chaplet we say “Eternal father, I offer you the wounds of our Lord Jesus Christ, to heal the wounds of our souls”…its so beautiful and powerful to me…but I cant help thinking who on earth am “I” to offer up our Lords suffering??? A sinner, like me!

I think I might be missing some of the theology here. I am in love with the whole idea of “offering up” but would like to understand better.

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Christ died for us. His sacrifice is our sacrifice. That’s why we can.

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I get where you are comming from. I spent some time taken aback by this tradition as well. As a layman, my understanding is as follows…

Our Lord took it upon Himself to offer himself on our behalf. The offering has already been made. We are simply re- presenting it and in doing so we acknowledge His sacrifice, demonstrate our faith in and acceptance of our Lord into our hearts, and embrace the graces thereoff.

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Thank you both for your helpful answers! Lots to think about. “His sacrifice is our sacrific” as one way of looking at it…and “the offering has already been made, by our Jesus, and we are re-presenting it”…another way…not mutually exclusive!

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