Offering up our suffereings


I went to bible sudy last night and the topic was about offering up our sufferings. As an example, the teacher said that it is never OK for a husband to abuse a wife. But if the abuse has occurred, then the wife can offer it up and it will be redeem in heaven.

I am all for offereing up my sufferings (even if I really don't understand the concept that much). However, this one lady spoke up and she said that she was an abuse woman and God has not turned any of her sufferings to good yet. The teacher felt bad and kept repeating 'I hope you never got the idea I said it was OK. I was simply saying that since it happened, you can now offer up your sufferings and they will be redeemed in heaven.

I really sympathized with the women who used to be in the abusive marriage. And I tend to feel that although God will redeem her sufferings (again, even if I don't understand that) this woman still has at least probably another 30 years on this earth and that is a long time to wait.

What about the here and now? Does God not want to give us emotional healing and peace of mind on this side of heaven? Why is it such drudgery?

To be honest, (and this is not to be uncharitable), it was no surprise to me when this lady said she was previously in an abusive marriage. She exhibits all the text book symptoms of someone who has been abused. She is very argumentative over things such as she thinks no one should be so foolish to believe what is published in the papers. She also thinks that points on a credit card is a big scam. I told her that once a year my credit card company credits me the dollar amount of the points I earned and since I was going to buy the groceries anyways, I might as well put it on my credit card and get the points. She insisted that wasn't true (without ever seeing my bill).

So, the long and short of it is, my question is 'Why doesn't God put more healing in people's lives when they are hurting? Especially people who are obviously trying their best to follow the Catholic religion?



God gives everyone healing. Sometimes you have to seek it. God gives us all sorts of people and organizations to help us. Most of the time you have to take the initiative. Some people out there unconsciously like playing the role of the victim and never seek help. God puts out the healing as he desires - not as we desire or expect.

I was taught by the nuns in Catholic School that we should offer-up our sufferings for the poor souls in Purgatory.


When a person is suffering abusively then offering it up only may not be the better choice. Use common sense because the abuse must be addressed. Try not to seek revenge to the other but please when one is been abused it needs to be addressed. When one offers their sufferings they can do this at anytime including abusive sufferings but the abuse still needs to be addressed and keeping silent is not the correct way. The trial of Job as well as Our Lord and the Saints gives us perfect examples of offering your sufferings. In most cases the suffering was imposed either by the devil himself or from those around the sufferer. In the case of Job his suffering was not only the illness he received from the devil but also from those so called 4 friends of him who constantly hurt him when they opened up their mouths. You may call it abuse because Job reacted to them by declaring them wrong. In the end God justified Job and condemned his friends for their actions. It is good to speak out against abuse no matter where you are. How can the truth come out by just taking it without a response from you. No. You can speak out and declare the truth. Look at Job. He spoke out and in the end he prayed for his friends so that God can forgive and heal them. You can offer your sufferings for it will be a prayer but don’t remain silent. Speak out as well.


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