Offering up our suffering


Is it possible and/or permissible to offer up our daily suffering for the conversion of individuals or souls in general?
By suffering, I mean any trial that we might face during the course of our day. My vocation is that of wife/mother and I feel compelled to offer my suffering (however trivial it may seem) up for the conversion of people that I know and sometimes for souls in general. Is this in line with acceptable prayer practices?



In fact it is encouraged that we all do the same.


I found the following prayer someplace, and say it every morning:

“O Jesus, through the immaculate heart of Mary, I offer you all my prayers, works, joys, and sufferings of this day in union with the holy sacrifice of the Mass throughout the world. I offer them for the intentions of your Sacred Heart, salvation of souls, reparation for sin, and the reunion of all Christians.”


What do you think would be an appropriate way to phrase this request?

I used to ask for the conversion of “all souls living in sin and darkness, especially those among my family and friends” (or something like that) to “…especially those who may be among my family and friends” since I felt that the first version passed judgement against family and friends who perhaps aren’t living in such a state (since we cannot know for sure).

Today I tried something different by praying instead “for the conversion of myself, my family and friends, and the whole world”.

How should I properly phrase this request, especially to avoid passing judgment? Also, how should I phrase prayers on the behalf of our elected officials in a non-judgmental manner?**

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