Office of Readings and Vigils, especially at Christmas

I have several questions, so please bear with me:

Is the Office of Readings traditionally joined with the Midnight Mass of Christmas, or just recited before?[/LIST]
Also, is the Invitatory said, since technically the Office of Readings would be the first hour said?[/LIST]
Finally, is there music for the English translations of the antiphons, psalms, and responsories of theOffice of Readings and the antiphon and canticles of the extended Vigil for Christmas Day? If so, does anyone have copies?[/LIST]

Thanks for your help.


In what sense do you mean traditionally?

Well, I know that the OoR is quite different from Matins, and I know that Matins was usually said prior to the Mass at midnight of Christmas, so I guess my questions could better be phrased:
Do the rubrics prefer the OoR (perhaps even as an extended Vigil) celebrated separately prior to Mass at midnight, or joined with it as a single celebration? (Or do they even specify?)

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