Office of Readings as a Vigil


I have a question about praying Office of Readings as a Vigil on Sundays; according to the General instructions:

Chapter II-IV. Vigils "73. Further, since in the Roman Rite the office of readings is always of a uniform brevity, especially for the sake of those engaged in apostolic work, those who desire, in accordance with tradition, to extend the celebration of the vigils of Sundays, solemnities, and feasts should do so as follows.

First, the office of readings is to be celebrated as in The Liturgy of the Hours up to the end of the readings. After the two readings and before the Te Deum canticles should be added from the special appendix of The Liturgy of the Hours. Then the gospel should be read; a homily on the gospel may be added. After this the Te Deum is sung and the prayer said.

On solemnities and feasts the gospel is to be taken from the Lectionary for Mass; on Sundays, from the series on the paschal mystery in the appendix of The Liturgy of the Hours."

Source: (underline is my adding) II-IV

So my question is, is it ever permissible to use the Gosepl of the day on Sundays instead of the Gospel in the appendix?



Based on the letter of the law as given, and the traditional practice of the Roman Missal with regards to Vigils (e.g. Easter, Pentecost, Nativity of St. John the Baptist, Christmas), I would say no; use the Gospel reading as given the Liturgy of the Hours.


I’m inclined to disagree here as the monastic tradition does use the gospel of the specific Sunday.


I doubt the OP uses the monastic office. Most of us use the Roman.




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