Office of Readings in the 1-Volume do you use it?


Hello all,

I purchased the standard-issue 1-volume breviary for the Roman Rite, the "Christian Prayer" book published by Catholic Book Publishing Corporation. I love it, and have been praying several of the offices. In the back of the book, there is the 4-week psalter for the Office of Readings. I really want to try out this office, but I'm a bit confused about how it's set up in the 1-volume "Christian Prayer" book. In the 4-week psalter, after the psalms and antiphons, it says "readings, as in the office of the day". I looked at one of the books from the 4-volume set (which I don't own), and in there, you simply flip to the Proper of Seasons for the Biblical and non-Biblical readings, prayers, etc.

However, this isn't in the 1-volume version. It has an index listing the Biblical readings for the year, but it doesn't have this for the non-biblical readings (although it does have a bunch of them in the back of the book). My question is: how am I supposed to use the Office of Readings in the 1-volume version? After getting through the psalms and antiphons, what do I do next? I know what Biblical reading to read due to the index, but I don't know which of the non-biblical readings to use...:confused:

For those who have the 1-volume breviary, and use it to pray the Office of do you go about doing that?



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