Office of Readings

Can someone please explain how to do the Office of Readings? The instructions in my Christian Prayer book make such little sense to me.

In your explanation, please assume that I’ve already prayed the Morning Prayers.

Christian Prayer doesn’t have the full Office of Readings, for that you need the four volume Liturgy of the Hours. Christian Prayer does offer a modified version of it with some readings that you can use. Instead of having the exact readings for the day, they offer a selection of readings that you can choose from. You can do the Office of Readings at any time during the day.

I second this.

To really do the Office of Readings you need the 4 volume Liturgy of the Hours or the one volume Office of Readings (which is out of print and hard to find).

Okay, assuming I buy the four volume set, I still would like to know how to do it!

Our friends above speak the truth, but that said, you might find this useful

God bless!


When you get the four volume set get the guide book which lists the page numbers for each day for each of the prayers, Morning, Evening, Office of Reading, and Night.

Also you might wish to pick up The Divine Office for Dodos which can be found at this website;

You can also go to this website;
Which gives you the same information as the guide book does

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