Office of Readings


what time of day do you normally pray the Office of Readings (I am just wondering out of the people who do the Office of Readings, not those who don’t):stuck_out_tongue:


Depends on the day.

On the weekends I’ll usually pray it before Morning Prayer. On the weekdays, I like to take some time to pray before Mass and I’ll pray it then (which means noon-ish or evening depending on when I’m going to Mass).


Near midnight and as a Vigil. In a way, similar to the “old” Vigil-Matins.


I usually pray it the evening before. I go to Divine Office for Night Prayer, Invitatory, and Office of Readings. With the audio, it is a bit like doing it in community. Also, I find it a good way to wind down the day.


6 am. This summer I’m experimenting with combining it with Lauds to save some time (“Matins”), so I can get to work earlier and get home earlier to have more time for yard work, exercise, etc.

Normally I do monastic Vigils at 6 am followed by monastic Lauds at 7 am with breakfast and shower in between, and I head out for work at 7:30.

By combining them and using the Roman Office for the summer, I can get out of the house a half hour earlier.


My goal is to pray Lauds and then Matins, in the morning, before leaving the house. But I have to leave the house at 6:00 a.m. to open the Cathedral for morning Mass. Sometimes all I can get to is Lauds, in which case I pray Matins after Mass.


None of the above. After I finish morning prayer, I read the two long readings from the office of readings, but I don’t do the psalms or anything else from that particular office.


Again, none of the above.

I usually pray it directly after Morning Prayer.

Reason: I try to start my prayers as soon as I wake up (some days are easier than others) and I order them in order of priority as I don’t know when my toddler will wake up! So I start with the ones which are time-bound and then, if she hasn’t woken up, continue. If she does wake up before I’ve got to it then I pray it whenever I next get a moment.


I always pray it right before Lauds.


Traditionally, it would be prayed during the night between compline and lauds (night and morning prayer). I don't often pray office of readings, but when I do, all other things being equal, I'd do it between those two. However, I don't often pray it, and when I do, I do it when I have time.


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