Office Politics and Christian Charity

Has anyone out there seen certain people “gang up” on another coworker with maliciousness and drive them away, just because they don’t like the person?

This is happening as I speak, and I am the more disturbed because the persons in question consider themselves Christian women. They are sneaky and underhanded about it, and I am incensed that they get away with it.

There is one who is the ring leader, and I believe she is evil. Her performance is under-par, but, instead, she is trying to blame another, and generating animosity towards this other person. She plays one against the other. Frankly, I think she has a personality disorder. Yet, she is getting away with this.

I hate injustices of this sort. I am wondering if it is just me, or whether it is a common thing. I am appalled at how people are treated sometimes.

Oh, that’s awful Ceil. Please pray for them. I will, too. :gopray2:

Sounds like this ring-leader is trying to form a “clique”. You remember those, from high school? Seemed like there was always a group of mean kids. Those who would taunt the under acheivers or… “geeks” as more commonly known.

Hard to believe, is it not… that this type of behavior can be carried into adult life. :nope: Sad. But it happens. Pray for them.

Luckily, in many of the offices I’ve worked in, people are more mature than this. However, I have seen it.:sad_yes:

Have you said anything to your boss about it?

No, I’ve just ignored it as best as possible. Hopefully, others will, too (or grow up).

It’s hard to believe (although I know they exist), that there are so-called adults stupid enough to engage in the horrid pastime of harrassing a co-worker, especially when they’re supposed to be working. Is the person in charge aware of the situation?

Will pray for all involved.

They have up and fired the person being ganged-up on. Now, I realize this person had performance problems. But, it seems to me they could have given her some slack. It’s always hard to be new.

My boss is aware, but, quite frankly, there is a trickle down effect with these things. She is not above ridiculing and having “cliques” hereself. In any case, I put up with it because I am treated well by most people. It did take a while to get warmed up to, though, if I recall. I had to force myself to stay and put up with it.

If it weren’t for this ring-leader and one or two others, it probably would not happen. I feel sorry for this person. She must feel pretty low right now.

I wonder, is this a problem in places where men are dominant? Or is this a woman thing? I work in a woman-donminated profession, so I don’t know if that is the problem.

Ceil, what about writing a short note and mailing it to the woman? Something like this happened to me eons ago, and the one thing I remember is a note that came in the mail from another woman who worked in a different department, but knew what was going on in mine. Her words were something like “it’s a strange place, and you didn’t deserve being treated that way.” I bet anything she’d appreciate a note like that.

Yes, it is common. Yes, it is something that is ususally perpetuated by women. I had a thread about a similar experience at work, but in my case I was not targeted for performance problems. I was targeted because I am introverted and my work environment over-values superficial and disingenuous “persuasive” personalities that are entirely irrelevant to the work being done. My work environment is highly bueraucratic and rewards mediocrity, which is another reason why these things happen.

There have been books written about it.

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