Official CAF Election Thread

Well, at least one of them anyway.

Just an all around comfy election thread. Predictions for the Election night? Which states will go for Trump/Biden? How long will we have to wait until the results are final?

Let me get this started

  1. Trump will win by a landslide
  2. NC,AZ,GA,FL will likely go for Trump. PA, WI, MI, are toss ups and will probably decide the election. MN, NV, NH will likely go Biden, but still some wiggle room. All other states are solidly Trump/Biden.
  3. Probably we will know for certain on November 5/6. November 4 if it’s an overwhelming victory.

All election discussions are welcome :slight_smile:


Thank God the ads will end soon. I’m so tired of them.


LMAO :rofl:


I predict a 279 - 259 win for Trump.

Trump wins FL, GA, AZ, NC, OH and PA. I think he has an outside chance at WI and MI. Large cities go into riot, Biden will not concede, and the Dems will clamour for the UN to occupy America.


I pray that whoever wins does so definitively, so that we can all relax instead of rioting or complaining.


I am unsure who will win, but I hope it is decided soon so that people can talk about other things.

I pray that whoever wins does so definitively, so that we can all relax instead of rioting or complaining.

Rioting, or at least protests that border on it, will probably happen if Trump wins no matter what. I can’t really see it happening if Biden wins.


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


Two questions

How long before the result is known

If it takes time or lawyers are involved who governs the country in place of the president

IV heard that at least one state, NJ, won’t be able to even count votes until next week because they have to verify that people didn’t vote twice (mail-in and walk-in).

Disclaimer: I don’t have a link for that, so it might be fake news

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I live in NJ. They started counting mail in ballots a week or so ago. My county even set up a Zoom where you can watch them be processed. What you are referring to (at least as far as i know) is only for people who decide to vote in person. they will be given a provisional ballot to fill out and those will not be counted until it can be verified the person did not send in their mail in ballot, which everyone on the voter rolls automatically recieved.


Thanks for clarification :slightly_smiling_face:

I love bold predictions!

I have no predictions, just hopes.

Edited to add an interesting take on this:



I believe the majority of polls are correct when the leads are outside the margin of error. This means Biden will almost certainly win PA, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Minnesota. He’ll almost certainly take New Hampshire and some of Nebraska as well. He is outside the margin of error in Ohio, and leading.

He is currently tied with Trump in Texas, and ahead in Arizona, Georgia, Florida and North Carolina, but those are all well within the margin of error. If the GOP doesn’t succeed at widespread vote suppression, then the high number of early voters corresponds to a high number of democratic votes, as it always does; more republicans vote on Election Day.

Either way, Biden can afford to lose a large number of states and win. Trump cannot. Best case for Biden is 413 electoral votes. Best case for Trump is well within high 200s to low 300s.

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All of the CAF members who posted with such passion, campaigning for or against a candidate get an official CAF participation trophy


Everyone’s a winner!


I just came back from the polls.

No voter intimidation as far as the eye can see.

Peace :v:


Well first of all, President Trump governs the country until Inauguration Day which is what, Jan 25, 2021? Even when we had a long wait until Al Gore conceded in December 2000 that was still more than a month prior to the inauguration. I truly don’t see the results taking 85 days to tabulate, so it looks as though it will either be Trump getting his 2nd term after Biden concedes or else (shudder) Biden winning and taking office. For all the media focus on how Trump is supposedly going to stall, and ‘lawyers’, if the shoe had been on the other foot the focus would have been on how BIDEN (or, 4 years ago Hilary) being the ‘elected official’ would have needed to protect himself/herself because Trump would make ‘such a fuss’. And who made the fuss back then? Hmm?


Since we have already voted, and one of the polling places is right behind our back door, we shall bring some ice-water and hot coffee and chocolate to the people waiting in line. And then hope!!!


My hope is that it all goes smoothly, and maybe, just maybe, we can all just shut up and stop demonizing the “other side” for awhile.


Based on how things went after the 2016 election, I dont expect that to happen. You will, however, see many accounts that showed up in the last couple of months go silent.


I’m not sure Trump has anything to do with it. I think these rioters are anti America, anti capitalism and want the US to go down hill quick.

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