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I have my doubts. For the cases of sworn statements I have seen, the people are not swearing on any evidence, but only that they hold a belief. Otherwise there is a trend of making public declarations but shrinking back from them in environments in which there are penalties for false statements.

I saw a clip from a Maricopa court in which a judge was asking for the methods of collecting affidavits. They used an especially questionable method, labeled as “concerning” by the court.

I tried to find the clip without comments, but could not. But this video starts off with the clip in question.

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LOL. This is what is happening in every court.


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: No-one tell the Trump team about indefinite numerals, although given that whole episode about the ‘non-zero’ numbers they seem to have an inkling of an idea about them anyway.

The evidence for which is?

(long silence)…

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For those with an NYT account.

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Which book is she planning on reading out, I rather like several. Maybe she will do Ecclesiastes 3, would seem appropriate right now and might be worth looking at for all sides concerned over there.

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Maybe she’ll read the whole thing to avoid giving evidence :joy:. I’m only joking, I’m on her side and think she’s serious and they have a case, but no harm in laughing at ourselves. :yum:
Halfway through Leviticus they’ll give up and concede.

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Might do a bit of filibustering hey?

Maybe the plan is to have someone filibuster for four years straight so Biden’s inauguration doesn’t happen.

One thing I have noted in all these election threads is the number of authorities in the various subjects have crawled out of the woodwork.

I never realized how many mathematicians, computer scientists, and statisticians we have on these boards.

Not a bad idea. :thinking: Who’s got the stamina?

All it takes is a little understanding, some experience, and the ability to research and use information.

I think it’s infinitely better than the people who just post things that are obviously false without attempting to verify them.

There’s quite a few. There is a Google employee around here somewhere, but s/he hasn’t posted in recent weeks. There are a number of IT people here. I’d be included (Software Engineer by degree and occupation). There are also some legal professionals here too. I give their views on some of the election law suits more weight than most.

Maybe because if all you talk about is basic mathematics, like I did, you are accused of being an inbred hick, by some one desperate do defend the incumbent, just because you do not elevate statistical speculation over actual counting. Yes, that happened to me.

I believe in allowing the data to formulate the theory, not the other way around. When the data does not match expected theory, then most likely the theory is wrong, rather than the data being corrupted. So to be safe, the data is examined. If it still seems legitimate, then the theory that re-election had to have happened must change.

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I’m a data geek, and I’ve done software and data testing. That why the malpractice I see in these random peoples’ “data analysis” makes me angry.

So, yes, I am a data expert and alternatively you see my mad face and my laughing my butt off face.


It certainly did. You and one other received similar treatment. The statements were removed. This is why I am thankful that we have moderation here.

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I distrust all of the ones that trotted out credentials in the past few election threads.

It is one thing when someone has an expertise and it comes out over several threads.
It is quite another when it becomes a plea to authority.

Everyone gather around for a, hopefully, simple to understand word problem. So there is 100 of us in a room. Here goes…

We can eat either pizza or cheeseburgers. We are going to vote because we will all be eating at the same place.

So far so good I hope…

We all get 1 vote so we should have 100 votes when we are done correct? So far no one should have an issue yet…

Hopefully we are all still onboard…

We vote…

Almost there…

Pizza gets 55 votes and Cheeseburgers gets 163 votes…

Is there an issue with this math? Does 163 + 55 = 100? This isn’t high level math, but I will wait for the data analysts to run the numbers just to be sure. We don’t need mathematical geniuses for this do we?

Questions? Anyone concerned with this math? Or should we just all blindly go and get cheeseburgers? I don’t mean this to be snarky, this is a problem.

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