Official cause of death for Prince...Opioid overdose


I saw this earlier in my news feed.

Im not sure I believe this though, seems pretty consistent with their ‘war’ against opioid medicine.

I do not understand why the pharmaceutical industry is just lying down for all this though, I mean, they didnt even put up a legal fight when the Govt imposed strict new guidelines on most of their cash cow drugs…??

This would be similar to the alcohol industry not complaining if prohibition was suggested again…doesnt make sense!?


I don’t think this has anything to do with a “war” on opiod medicines.

Prince had reportedly suffered for years with very back hip and back pain. I think he unfortunately was abusing the medication to try to stop the pain, and OD’d. It’s very sad. I just don’t see any type of conspiracy.


I don’t believe it. The medication in question is quite strong. There are still a few missing pieces to the story. I won’t speculate. I’ll leave this to law enforcement.



Why can’t anyone just rest in peace.


Because when anybody, especially one who was **somebody, **dies suddenly, it scares us?



As long as opioids remain “controlled substances”, they can be kept expensive as all heqq. No mystery.



There are also a number of media sources reporting that he had AIDS and died from complications related to it. We need to wait till the smoke clears on this one.


How can any drug be so many times stronger than heroin?


Nope. It’s because the media can’t have anyone be remembered well. Good news doesn’t sell. Slander and scandal? Moneymakers. The people that buy the fans are greedy for it.
I don’t care how he died. He was a superb musician. I’ll miss him.
I’m not interested in trashing his life over a news byte.
It’s disgusting.


I do think fear plays a large role in why we obsess over celebrity deaths like Prince. We don’t like to face our own mortality, and we want to lay blame somewhere when death happens. Someone gets cancer? They must have smoked. Heart attack? They were overweight. It can quickly turn into moralizing and judgment of the deceased: it’s his “fault” that he died. Sad, but that’s what we do.


Exactly, and who benefits most from them being so expensive?

Who ‘benefits’ from certain drugs being controlled in the first place?

It is pretty obvious the use of opiates are effective, but the powers that be and the pharmaceutical industry want to ensure a person MUST go thru them to get these pricey drugs, they must first visit a doctor and then a pharmacy to pay for the drugs, when a person bypasses them and buys these drugs ‘on the street’ they are loosing money, that person did not visit and pay to see a doctor or pay a pharmacy for the drug.

What about the countless people that cannot afford a costly doctor visit and high pharmacy prices? Just because they cannot afford it, they are legally blocked from getting relief from a drug they know is effective…??

Its really absurd if you think about it, even though I know a certain drug is effective and works to ease my pain, if I try to obtain it from an alternative source, its suddenly highly illegal…??? LOL That is such a clear and direct conspiracy, I cannot understand how someone could see it as anything else.

That would be like a cigarette company telling everyone they must by their products from only legitimate retailers, and if someone bought them elsewhere, they would arrested for it…there is no law if I go buy a pack of cigarettes from a gas station for $5. then sell it to Joe down the street for $7. If he is willing to pay me for that, nothing illegal about it…see what Im saying?


I don’t understand any of the biochemistry, but perhaps the age of the two drugs is a clue.

Heroin is old. It was first was created in 1874. Fentanyl wasn’t created until 1960. That means researchers had nearly a century to alter the chemistry, study its effects on the body, and produce more refined drugs.


If opioids were not controlled substances, people could theoretically grow the flowers (perfectly legal) and harvest the opium (NOT!) as was done in premodern times.

The floor would fall out of the price.



I thought he died of a heart attack.


Some people do that now, the only problems are, Opium poppies only do well outdoors in very specific areas, like hot and dry desert, plus, and I have looked into this personally back when I was into my addiction, for someone to JUST grow a personal supply, it would take close to 10 acres of poppies to produce about 3 grams of heroin each day, very little raw opium comes from each plant.

Plus, it is actually illegal to grow that variety of poppie in the US. They are easy to spot too, big softball size bloom on the tip.

Since Mexico is keeping just about every city in the US consistently stocked in heroin, as Ive said before, they must have millions of acres down there, probably can be seen from space. This is another reason I suspect US collusion with the cartels, they could easily go destroy these fields, if anything else was killing so many americans, they would invade a country to stop it, but not with this problem it seems.


Thought this might be an answer to opium and other drug addictions. The other day I remembered the work of Dr. Meg Patterson. She was a doctor that developed an electrical acupuncture (she also used regular acupuncture too) method for over coming drug and alcohol addictions.

She is best known for helping UK musicians and actors overcoming drug addictions. Some clients included Keith Richards, Townshend, Eric Clapton, along with others.

Dr. Patterson tried to bring her addiction ideas to the mass market in the UK and America but ran into road blocks.

A little about her work can be read at this web sight, and below.



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Keith Richards

“This book should be standard reading in any modern educational system.” Sean Connery


The AIDS thing is nothing but gossip as I see it. I would bet its wasn’t AIDS seeing as Prince was seen riding his bike around the streets just a few days before his death, if he had AIDS he would be most likely bedridden before death and/or very weak not running around as much as he did before he died.


Unfortunately, the internet is sometimes not a good place to have a discussion. Count me out of this “we” concept. I don’t blame anything for anything until I have the facts. I worked at a hospital. I’ve seen ‘cause of death’ reports. I didn’t judge anyone who died however it happened. I’ve taken bodies down to the morgue. I never thought about my own mortality.

In the case of persons I’ve never met, whatever happened to them, including death and injury - I wasn’t there. I don’t know these people. Sure, it’s sad when someone dies. A lot of people are going to die in the US, including the rest of the world, today. This just seems so difficult to believe without the rest of the facts. I am on various med.s that are slightly dangerous. I’m really meticulous about dosages. Hopefully, the authorities will see fit to offer some kind of explanation. Having been on a few “strong” medications in the past… I don’t know what to think.



I don’t see any conspiracy here. It was well known (at least to Minnesotans because he was in the news so much) that Prince had severe hip and back problems, and was supposed to get a hip replacement a few years back. However, he was also a Jehovah’s Witness, and very well may not have had the surgery due to the possibility of a blood transfusion being needed. There was never a report of him actually having the surgery. It was also well known that Prince’s condition caused him extreme chronic pain. Sadly, to be honest, as soon as I heard that he had died, this is precisely what I expected would probably be the cause.


I agree

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