Official Church Documents on Gender Ideology

Hey, everyone. I was just wondering if there are any official Church documents on gender ideology and transgenderism?

Nothing on that specifically. There is plenty on what it means to be a man or a woman, though (e.g. JPII’s “Theology of the Body”).

I don’t know of any official Catholic documents that have directly addressed gender ideology.

Thanks, everyone. I really hope that the Church comes out with an official teaching on gender ideology soon. After all, gender ideology is an increasingly pervasive evil in our society.

An Address by Pope Benedict XVI to the Roman Curia has some relevant comments. (Search for the term gender in the document)

As a person born a male is always a male and a person born a female is always a female no matter what they think, feel, say, how they dress, whether they take drugs or have surgery all Church teachings apply to them as they are born.

Yes, I completely agree. I just think that a specific Church document on the matter would help since the whole gender ideology thing seems to becoming ever more popular all the time.

There is no need for a specific document. Everyone is covered by existing doctrine.

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