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This is the official source for any new updates from SOLT on the Corapi issue.

** Updated Statement by SOLT Regional Priest Servant on Fr John Corapi **

From the office of Rev. Gerard J. Sheehan, solt, Regional Priest Servant, American Region

As a Society of Apostolic Life in the Catholic Church, the Society of Our Lady of the Most Holy Trinity (SOLT) assumes sole and full responsibility for all our members while we live in communion with the hierarchy of the Church and in obedience to local ecclesiastical authorities. This is the framework within which the investigation of the allegations against Father John Corapi is being conducted. We move forward in full obedience to canon law, according to the above stated precepts and in good faith.

Father John Corapi is a priest in good standing with the Society of Our Lady of the Most Holy Trinity. In his sacred duty as a priest, as all priests should do, he has brought Christ’s ministry to many individuals. Any allegation(s) against Fr. Corapi must not be taken lightly, just as any allegations against any priest must not be taken lightly. As religious superior who is responsible for the pastoral care of Father John Corapi, I take his needs and those of the alleged injured parties into consideration at this time with equal concern and pastoral care.

The current status of the case is as follows:

Fr. John Corapi is on administrative leave. A preliminary investigation, which includes the initial review of any and all accusations of alleged improprieties made against him is actively underway. The decision to place Father Corapi on administrative leave is a prudential decision, similar to how other institutions conduct internal investigations. It is not a penal act but does signal the serious concern with which our religious society views allegations against a member, as well as our desire to assist in pastoral action with transparency, efficiency and in a manner which also serves as a protection for the accused and the alleged victim, and in service to all the faithful.

At the conclusion of the preliminary investigation, the Society will provide further information.

Rev. Gerard J. Sheehan, solt, Regional Priest Servant, American Region

I think Lilliputian rules should be applied here.

We need to continue to pray for Fr Corapi and all involved in this, the accuser, the people doing the investigation, and Father’s family.

No way…I am in shock. Total, complete disbelief.

My prayers for everyone involved…my heart goes out to Father Corapi. This is unbelievable.

:signofcross::gopray2:Prayers always going up!

why are you in shock?
that bishops and religious superiors follow the law, civil and canon, to the letter in all such cases rather than making exceptions for a popular priest?
that an unnamed accuser is allowed to make accusations at all?
that any priest is a target of allegations?

what about this precisely shocks you? sad, yes, but don’t you read the papers? do you not realize any priest, and any person like myself in ministry particularly with children is open to these allegations at any time and has no defense against them?

She may think that the bold writing above is what is shocking…it is shocking every time it happens, in my book also. Yes, I understand the media falls over all of this…I also realize the world hates the catholic church…nonetheless it is always shocking to see good people (if they are innocent) ran through the mud at anyone’s accusation and stripped of their dignity…:frowning:

**SOLT and Father John Corapi **

Superior offers a look into the society’s relationship with the charismatic priest. Father John Corapi, SOLT

The Society of Our Lady of the Most Holy Trinity is in the spotlight, following the allegations of misconduct against one of its members, Father John Corapi. The Register spoke with Father Gerard Sheehan, regional priest servant, based in the Diocese of Corpus Christi, Texas, to learn more about the charism of the order and its rules for members.

Father Corapi has a statement on his website from the Bishop Emeritus of Corpus Christi. He talks about the unfairness of suspensions of priests accused of sexual misconduct with adults.

Railing against the system isn’t gong to help at all. Give me a break.

Thanks for posting the update,dfp. :slight_smile:

Have a wonderful weekend. :slight_smile:

As I’ve said every time new statements are posted: this situation is just plain strange. Fr. Corapi is not helping himself by posting things like that. The smartest thing to do is to keep quiet and let the system play itself out. If I were falsely accused would I be extremely tempted to shout from the rooftops and rant and rave? Absolutely. But I’d like to think that my family and friends would keep me in check and remind me that those things simply do not help.
Since his faculties have been removed he’s made a public statement on his website, posted another bishop’s statement on his site, and his media outlet has leaked alleged details of the accusation. Not smart moves.

As for the issue of consenting adults, I understand what the Bishop is saying. And I do think that consenting affairs do not normally result in adminitrative leaves. But given the public stature of Fr. Corapi and that the allegations involve an employee, this is clearly the safest course of action for the Society to undertake.

More and more it is becoming guilty until proven innocent.

As I’ve said before, because of decades of inability to properly exercise authority in the sexual impropriety area, the Bishops are left with black and white rules that frankly don’t fit every situation. I feel for any priest accused of any impropriety. At the same time, the laity and the general population have been treated to an never-ending string of sexual, financial, and other scandals created by the ordained. We are weary, and have a really hard time bringing our children up in the faith in the midst of all this.

I think it would serve Fr Corapi well to simply state that he is a faithful priest, that the Church’s process is unfolding, and that he supports it.

My heart is truly broken over this situation. Fr. Corapi had truly inspired me over the many years I have been listening to his spreading the Word of God.

He is definately deep in a trial right now and we must never, ever stop praying for God to give him the added Grace while Fr. Corapi is on the battlefield. God is good, mightly and just and knows the heart and soul of Fr. Corapi as well as his acussor. At the end, only Truth will prevail and may God have mercy on the soul of the unrepentant here.

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