OFS Profession Scheduled!

June 3rd, at the regular noon mass at my parish (a historic California Mission) my best friend Joseph, a good man named Robert, and I will all be professed as OFS (Secular Franciscan.) We’ve been working, studying, and praying towards this event for years now (Joseph and I since we became Catholic in 2015, we knew we wanted to be OFS.)

The best part about having it during the noon mass is that we get to share it with our fellow parishioners, and let them experience a bit of the OFS. We’ll have our regular potluck and ongoing formation meeting for our OFS fraternity afterwards, and we’ll invite folks from the parish to join us and see what we’re about.

Because it’s also Corpus Christi (how appropriate) we’ve been working with the choir director to pick hymns for the day. (I’m also in the choir, bass.) We’ve picked several, and we’ll see what we eventually decide on. The ones I want to make sure get in there are the Prayer of Saint Francis and the Canticle of the Sun. Otherwise, we picked “The Summons,” “Open my Eyes,” “Here I am Lord” and I chose three songs to choose one from for Corpus Christi; “Alleluia! Sing to Jesus,” “Panis Angelicus,” or “Let us Break Bread Together.” I’m not the only one involved in the decision, so we’ll see what gets settled on. I’m just glad to see it coming together.

Our friar has already contacted our pastor, and they have agreed to co-celebrate for that mass. We’re really looking forward to it. Your prayers and well wishes are greatly appreciated, especially prayers.

Pax et bonum!


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