Oh boy...gonna need prayers!


I have been feeling, like many others, discouraged about the recent turn of events in our nation. I have been feeling like the culture of death is encroaching more and more upon us, and even “good” people are giving in to the lies!

I am a stay at home mommy with three little ones..and often times while they play I like to visit these forums:)  Here I enjoy sharing the faith with other Catholics, with encouragement and support.. As well as engaging in apologetics. These forums are such a blessing!  I also participate in one other set of forums, geared for moms in general.. However they are incredibly "liberally" slanted...

I don’t know what came over me (maybe the holy spirit, maybe me loosing my mind lol!) But there was a thread posted by another Catholic mother, talking about “rallying behind Obama…” Something welled up in me and I poured out my heart about the truth behind the culture of death. I will not “stand behind Obama” though I will pray for Him, and pray that He may be used for good in our country… But I am an AMERICAN before I am an “obama’ian…” And I will not 'stand behind" a man so saturated in the culture of death.

I talked about God’s command to be fruitful and mulitlply…and the father of lies opposes that command through abortion, contraception, and zero population.

Now…I’m expecting to be swarmed with angry moms who LOVE Obama and think I’m “too religious.” So… I’m posting because if anyone else has been having similar thoughts lately…I could use your prayers! It’s been my experience that when you stand in a room of people who believe a lie, and try to share an ounce of truth, that they JUMP on you!

God bless you all! And keep fighting the good fight for the culture of LIFE that God calls us to defend!


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