Oh my God! No! No! No!


This will make one cry and likely angry.
Could this be coming to the Catholic Church In
I will stand and die defending the Holy Mother Church.
This can’t be allowed anywhere



Not to add to the alarm, but



This is the goal of those pushing the new hate crimes legislation–with one big difference. They don’t want exceptions for any reason. What this would do to institutions that cannot abide by it would be to shut them down.

Welcome to the New America.


Hmm… this’ll be fun to watch… :popcorn:

Ironically Yours, Blade and Blood


Homoesexual sinners amidst non-homosexual sinners


There are other religions that are headed this direction without any laws; Lutheran, Presbytarian, Episcopol to name a few. The Lutherans are going to vote “again” at their churchwide assembly in Aug. on rostering gays for ministry and on same-sex marriages.
They vote every two years and the consensus in favor of all the gay stuff grows every year. It was said that those against eventually would “age-out”. It’s the 50-somethings & younger that seem to be positive towards the gays.
We had better be praying & protecting our freedoms. Here in CA you can’t get out the vote and settle it because then the “court” comes along and says it’s not constitutional or something.:frowning:
Praying for our Freedoms.


Holy Mother Church will prevail—but it’s gonna be a long hard slog. We slept at the switch for decades and this is only to be expected.

The Ents have awakened.


Boy Scouts and Girl Guides in Canada have allowed “rainbow troops”, and gay/lesbian leaders for the last 10 years or so.


Advocates in the U.S. have been clamouring for the same thing.

I still can’t fathom the logic.


Now, let’s get these formulae in place:

Homosexuality (a lifestyle not condoned or fostered by the Church) will be forced on Churches while the media pounces, exposes and reports on the few within the Church who have been accused (rightly or not) of sinful acts - then blaming the Church.
Uh, isn’t that like getting stuck in flypaper - or quicksand?

It’s amazing how if the Church makes a critical remark about the insanity in today’s world - we hear, “Separation of Church and State”.

I will not accept what’s being proposed. We must condemn the sin - not the sinner. But we do not have to invite the sin into our lives, cultures - CHURCHES. If they do not choose to live by a certain religion’s rules, the Church must be merciful - but NOT GIVE UP ITS PRECEPTS. This is the time. Stand up and be counted, folks. This isn’t a voting booth issue - this is our FREEDOM OF RELIGION (no matter what country) being pulled out from under us ! Those who do not want to abide by a Church’s rules, cannot have politicians force their way in. There’s an expression that’s become all too popular in recent times: “Freedom of Choice” It’s a double-edged sword. The Church, also, has a FREEDOM TO CHOOSE NOT to bend to those who oppose the tenets of the Faith. Those who do not choose the Church - must build another freeway - not mow us down in the process !


Under the Obama agenda and his ecumenism all things are possible.


Oh, there are homosexuals active in your parishes and schools.

You just don’t know who they are, that’s all.


I would be more concerned about the fact that these people may be non-Catholic and forced to teach our Catholic children in a Catholic school.


Are all schools going to be included in this? Even Muslim ones? I thought that Islam was even more vocal about this issue than the Christian churches have been in England.


No, it can’t happen in America. Because the article is about England, and there the Church of England is intertwined with the English “State”. The Queen, who is Head of State, is also the Head of the Church of England, albeit both roles are more symbolic than anything, with the Prime Minister and the Archbishop of Canterbury doing the actual work.

The point is, in the USA we have the Establishment Clause to prevent such a thing from happening. The government can’t interfere with out churches in such a way, nor can our churches take control of our government. That’s not to say they can’t have an affect on one another in various ways, but such blatant interference is forbidden by the Constitution.


I’m afraid to say that I live in the UK and this makes me want to cry :frowning:


‘Blatant interference’ has already been wrought (even in such patently false decisions as Roe v. Wade).

This administration intends to rewrite the Constitution. As I said before, we are in for rough times, but will prevail in the end.


I’m afraid to say that I live in the UK and this makes me want to cry

I totally understand how you feel and I would feel the same way too! :hug1:

But, remember a couple of things:

We belong to The Church that Christ instituted on earth and He promised that the gates of Hell will NOT prevail against it. Christ NEVER breaks a promise. Even if the gates of Hell put up a concerted effort for all of our lifetime, we know that they will eventually fail and those who follow us will be free to live their faith publicly again.

There has been awful persecution of the Church before and, far from extinguishing the faith, it has made that faith so much stronger. Our beloved JPII and our current leader, His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI, are both products of a time when The Church was violently supressed. There was awful persecution of The Church early on, too. Early Christians went willingly to their deaths and the blood of those martyrs strengthened The Church so much that, though the empire of Rome is but dust and ashes to be experienced only in books and movies. Up to this very day, Christianity, even to those that oppose it, is very very real.

We should fight, and fight hard, to preserve our Constitutional right to live our faith publicly. But remember that the power of prayer, which NO force on earth can take from us, is as effective in its own way as public proclaimation of the faith. Both are necessary, but the Lord knows when we are supressed and He hears the cries of our souls which no government can silence.

These are scary times :frighten:, but let’s try and remember to “be not afraid”.

God bless The One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church!!


The ironic thing is that these are the same people that are always screaming about separation of church and state whenever someone wants creationism taught in the government schools. Where is all that separation between church and state now?


Don’t take God’s Name in vain, OP. Say a “Blessed be His Holy Name” in reparation.

Pray for Britian and the churches there. They may be persecuted for not hiring active homosexuals.


How sickening! This cannot be allowed to happen! :mad:

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