"Oh, my God!"?

Is “Oh, my God!” a blasphemous phrase? It has become so common in our society to say “oh, my God” when we are surprised at something, but is it using the Lord’s name in vain? Is it better not to use this phrase, unless we mean it literally?
Thank you.

Dear Lisa,

Unfortunately, the holy name of “Jesus” is used in disrespectful ways. But
phrases like “Oh, my God!” and “Oh, God!” and “Lord, have mercy!” and “Jesus, Mary and Joseph!” are never used to blaspheme. Simply because we may blurt out one of these phrases without the full awareness of their significance, does not render them disrespectful. In fact, they can help us to be aware of our need for divine help at such times.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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