Oh My Gosh Michael Card Rawks!

Has anyone heard this guy? My Dad used to listen to him when I was a kid and I just bought the collection. The guy’s a baptist but 99 % of the lyrics agree with Church teaching. He even toured with John Michael Talbot. I love this music.

My friends saw Michael Card at a concert here in Tucson a few years ago. I had to work that night, so I missed it.

I’m familiar with “El Shaddai” as I am an Amy Grant fan.

Take Care,


When did Michael Card become Baptist? He was Mennonite. I like everything he’s done but my favorite is the stuff based on Old Testament stories and the Starkindler CD. He’s a wonderful storyteller / poet. He’s just as good in person, too.

He’s excellent in concert because unlike most CCM performers, he writes his own songs - and explains them!

He took a lot of flak from the fundamentalists a few year back for collaborating with John Michael Talbot on a few things. GASP!

I have a double tape (yes, tape…) of his concert talks. It’s wonderful! so does anyone know for sure - did he become a Baptist really?

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