Oh, Say, Can You See (but Not Hear) Those Fireworks?


NY Times:

Oh, Say, Can You See (but Not Hear) Those Fireworks?

Quiet fireworks — it sounds like an oxymoron. Usually those bright bursts of color come with equally impressive bangs. But some fireworks shows are designed to please the eyes without pummeling the ears.In parts of Europe, quiet fireworks displays have grown increasingly common. In Britain, venues close to residents, wildlife or livestock often permit only quiet fireworks. One town in Italy, Collecchio, passed a law in 2015 that all fireworks displays must be quiet.
By relying on rich color effects and tight visual choreography, designers of quiet fireworks programs can forgo the big explosions and still deliver a stunning show. The hope is that softer celebrations mean less stress for noise-sensitive children, veterans, older people, pets and wildlife.

“We’ve seen more competitors in the last decade or so,” said Rino Sampieri, a senior display manager at Fantastic Fireworks, a company based in England that started selling a quiet fireworks package 30 years ago. “Today, quiet fireworks are part of everybody’s inventory.”
Quiet fireworks are not a new invention. In fact, they are used routinely in classic firework shows as visual effects to accompany the loud bangs. Think of the “comet tail,” which shoots into the sky with a trail of sparkles before quietly fizzling out. Or the “flying fish,” which features tiny tadpole embers scattering away from a silent burst.
What is new is the emergence of a genre of low-key, quiet fireworks displays for audiences that want the fanfare of fireworks without the auditory disturbance.

Gimme a break. Fireworks should be noisy the way God intended.
As for the clip I’d say the music was at least as disturbing as fireworks.


I have a noise sensitivity (and no, ear plugs will not help) and people in my area like to shoot off fireworks well past midnight (loud and sometimes ones illegal in my state) without any care for neighbors who have pets, small children or that are vets with PTSD. So, I appreciate ones that don’t sound like a war zone. I would bet ~10% of those who start shooting off fireworks several days before the 4th in my city, have little knowledge of the revolutionary war or the founding fathers.

My parents and I escape to our family country house just to get a good night’s sleep.

Please don’t tell me GOD intended for fireworks to sound like a WAR ZONE. I think he intended for humans to be respectful of their neighbors and not shoot them off until 2 or 3 am.


True. Because God wants people who are shooting fireworks off to end up deaf and every nearby animal and baby scared.


They’re great fun for some kids. But as much as I like fireworks, I, like many other people on the Autism Spectrum have issues with loud noises. I don’t think loud fireworks should be banned, per se, but I think maybe if people are unaware that fireworks are going to be loud they should warn people.


Our neighbors shoot them off for days both before and after Independence Day. It’s obnoxious.


I love fireworks.
And am a musician. Noise doesn’t bother me. :smiley:


I like the idea of fireworks without all the noise.


I hope you wear earplugs. :thumbsup:


but…but…but…the noise is part of the fun!~:D
Wait a minute. That was when I was 7 years old and didn’t need to get up and go to work the next day.




A lot of vets suffering from PTSD don’t like fireworks. It often scare younger children, makes local animals on edge… So why are silent fireworks a bad thing?


We have a neighbor that does it for weeks, before and after. :frowning:


I’m curious to know if all of those who’ve complained about the noise from fireworks, complain to our Creator about the noise produced by all of the violent thunderstorms that rock their world? :whistle:

Peace, Mark


Yeah, because a thunderstorm is the same as the sound of M80s going off nightly for hours on end :rolleyes:


Guess I’m just young at heart.


They are not legal around here, due to brushfire hazards. They are used anyhow.

But fireworks per se are a minor issue here, compared to large-caliber weaponry shot into the sky as part of the “fun.”

What goes up must come down; and rounds of that size can land miles away, with enough velocity to piece the human head or body.



That is absolutely frightening to think some innocent person can be hit by such.


My medical plan does no cover hearing aids. Hope yours does


Oh I don’t know, some of the thunderstorms in my neck of the woods make M-80’s, or for that matter Silver Salutes and quarter sticks sound rather tame by comparison…and they happen far more often than the Fourth of July. Just sayin’!

Peace, Mark


Considering the drought all over the USA, fireworks are a really really bad idea. I have lots of firefighting friends and they are dreading this weekend. Even the biggest staged legal shows are risky. I say stick with the parades and apple pie, but ban the fireworks at least this summer, unless they’re being fired over water perhaps?

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