Oh those hubby's!


you know what mine went and did when i had a down day? first off, i will tell you what caused me to have a down day. i had been searching hi and lo on Ebay for a ring that i had badly wanted for a long time right? so i found one, the auction had 5 hrs left in it, so i bid on beautiful little ruby ring with diamonds in it. i truly wanted it.

so, thinking that there was no interest in it, i did not bother to watch it closely. 14 min before it was over, some sneaky bidder came in and bid on it!:smiley:

so, i went back to the auction, and saw it was over and i lost it!:frowning:
well, i was a little down. and hubby saw that i was a bit bummed because he knew how long i had been searching for the little ring.
we were at jewelry shops last week looking and i found some but they were atrociously expensive!

so last night, a seller had written me and told me i could bid on her auction if i wanted to. i told hubby about it, and he bought me the ring!:smiley: :eek: i was surprised! its a little flower style sapphire and one diamond ring. i had been watching it for a few days.

it was somewhat similar to the ruby flowered one i had wanted. so, sure nuff, he buys it for me. that hubby! i was so flabbergasted that he bought it for me i just didn’t know what to say! i said thanks, and trust me, i love you about a million times last night because i was just so surprised!

i was going to buy it out of my own money, but nope, he saw that i was down a bit and he bought it for me. i wanted the sapphire one because moms birthday is september, so i am really close to my mom, and i wanted a sapphire one, but i did not expect it to be bought for me last night!

now, i just wonder where i got so lucky to have a hubby that just
adores me and buys me something just because i was down. iam truly blessed though that is for sure! i was not expecting it that’s true! i wanted to buy it on my own:) but he did it for me out of the kindness of his heart. God bless those hubby’s!


What a great guy you have there! What an exciting surprise! :smiley:


yes, it was!:thumbsup:


What a great hubby! You are blessed to have him, and he is blessed to have a wife who appreciates him so much! :slight_smile:




WOW, I love stories like this! That’s so nice of him!! :slight_smile:



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