Ohio Catholics: Don't Miss This!


The Coming Home Network International presents:

CHNetwork Conference 2005, featuring Catholic speakers, teachers, authors, and clergy. Focusing on the the theme “Deep in History, Deep in Scripture, Deep in Christ…”. With this years focus on The Reformation. The conference will be held November, 4-6, 2005 in Columbus, Ohio…

**2005 Conference
1517: ** Luther, Calvin, Trent, The Reformation, join us this November as we continue our Deep in History Conferences through Church History. This year the Coming Home Network looks to take us back to this pivotal and controversial time of Church history.
In two years, over a thousand Christians have attended the Coming Home Network’s Deep in History event in Columbus, and we have even higher hopes and prayers for this year.
With our focus to the Continental Reformation it is our hope to better educate and enlighten Christians to the events that changed the face of Christendom to this day. We will look into the life of Luther, the radical reformers, the Church’s response in the Council of Trent, and where we are today because of this event.
The talks will challenge and inspire all Christians with hopes of raising up the laity to better witness and defend His Catholic Church. Clear your dates the first weekend of November (4th through the 6th) and join us as we stare back into the history of our faith to a time of upheaval, change, and turmoil – The Continental Reformation.

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