Ohio House Passes Ban on Abortions, Late-Term Abortions

The Ohio state House today passed three pro-life bills including a measure that would ban most all abortions, one that bans late-term abortions and a third that stops taxpayer funding of abortions in Ohio under Obamacare.

The chamber approved the “Heartbeat Bill” that would ban virtually all abortions in the state starting at the 22-day mark when an unborn child’s heart begins beating. The legislation has the support of some pro-life advocates but Ohio Right to Life and other pro-life groups oppose the bill because of various concerns about its ability to survive a court challenge. The group worries it will be struck down under Roe v. Wade and add to pro-abortion case law upholding the 1973 Supreme Court decision allowing 53 million abortions.

The House, led by Republicans, voted 54-43 for the abortion ban, which now faces less certain prospects in the state Senate.


wow 22 days! some people don’t even know they’re pregnant then do they?

If the Supreme Court does strike this down, it’ll be interesting to see how they rationalize not striking down late-term anti-abortion laws.

Any houses for sale in Ohio?

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