Ohio Lawmaker Proposes Using Fentanyl Seized in Drug Raids to Execute Death

I could support this type of recycling. Waste not; want not, I always say…


Awesome. If there is an article that screams why Pope Francis is right on the death penalty being no longer needed, it is this. Yes, let’s kill these criminals with uncontrolled drugs and see what happens.

Is killing them with controlled drugs better?

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I think that the death penalty is no longer needed as Pope Francis has stated. But, if you are going to do it in the United States, you must do it in conjunction with the US Constitution which states no cruel or unusual punishments. Causing a person a great deal of pain during an execution because you didn’t use tested drugs would be unconstitutional.

I think it is been a bad idea for government to use goods they seize from criminals for their own purposes, even just money-raising.

Seized drugs should be destroyed.

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Fentanyl is a pain killer, FYI.

Testing them is a simple process too, before they are used.

Well, let’s take that chance and use stuff we confiscated off a drug dealer. Again, thank you for this article to point out how Pope Francis is right about the death penalty.

Fentanyl is a controlled drug.

So I take it you are for the move now.

  • It’s a pain killer, so it won’t cause a great deal of pain.
  • Fentanyl is produced in regular factories, not someone’s shed, so the quality of seized product can readily be verified before use.

Fentanyl is a pain killer, FYI.

So how would it be used to kill people? I can’t imagine ODing on fentanyl is genuinely a “painless” process.

No. Pope Francis has said the death penalty is no longer needed and I agree.

For any use, I would not trust any medication that was handled outside governmental/medical officials.

No idea myself and I would thus never claim it was “painless”
But I expect it is far far less painful than other methods man has devised for execution.

I personally thought it would be closer to how a pets’ final trip to the vet goes, the big sleep. Sad but definitely not inhumane.

My choice would be giving em hard or even moderate labor and do away with executions.

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