Ohio passes 'heartbeat' abortion bill; leader cites Trump's election



Mostly symbolic, as even if Kasich signs the bill, it will likely be shut down in court. Nice to see though.


6 wks could be shutdown in court since the SCOTUS ruled over 4 decades ago that women had a constitutional right to an abortion in the first trimester and after that point, restrictions could apply. I do know Trump says he will nominate conservative justices. But he also said another social issue, SSM, is settled law.


Yep, this is just more theater from the Republicans. It’s not a constitutional law and plenty of taxpayer money will be wasted while it’s inevitably shot down.


Indeed. At the very least it will be used to test any SC appointee. In a way it could be self-defeating.


SCOTUS decides what is settled law and what is written in the Constitution. Eleven justices are better than nine.


FDR tried to stack the court…didn’t work. As things sit, PE Trump will have a tough road just getting nine.


It could be, but perhaps it makes it makes it all the way to the Supreme Court and with a differently balanced Supreme Court, who knows what could happen.

Even Jim Obergefell does not seem to be totally convinced it is settled law: theguardian.com/us-news/2016/nov/15/same-sex-marriage-plaintiff-jim-obergefell-doubts-trump-claim-its-settled-law

I thought Ramesh Ponnuru Ponnuru made some really good points in an article regarding Trump’s comments from the 60 Minutes interview. Ponnuru points out that Trump said his nominees would be pro-life and comments. “If you’re looking for justices with a judicial philosophy that would make them inclined to overturn Roe, nine times out of ten they’d be anti-Obergefell as well.” And “If Obergefell is settled, why isn’t Roe?”


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